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8 companies celebrate 15th listing anniversary Euronext Brussels


Agfa, Greenyard Foods, Fountain, Intervest Offices and Warehouses, Leasinvest Real Estate, Pairi Daiza, Real Dolmen and WDP are listed since 1999 on the Brussels Stock Exchange.

To celebrate their 15th listing anniversary, Viviane Dictus – Director Corporate Communications and Investor Relations (Agfa)rang the Opening Bell on Euronext Brussels on 8 July 2014 and successivelyMarleen Vaesen - CEO (Greenyard Foods), Eugène Beckers – Chairman of the Board (Fountain), Inge Tas - CFO (Intervest Offices and Warehouses), Jean-Louis Appelmans – CEO (Leasinvest Real Estate), Yvan Moureau – CFO (Pairi Daiza), Thierry De Vries – Secetary General (Real Dolmen) en Tony De Pauw – CEO (WDP).

Home Invest Belgium and Punch International also listed since 1999 on our stock exchange, could unfortunately not attend the event.