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2MX Organic lists on Euronext Paris


Moez-Alexandre Zouari, co-Founder and CEO of 2MX Organic, opens the trading day in Paris.

2MX Organic is a new player created for the purpose of acquiring targets with main operations in the production and distribution of socially and environmentally responsible consumer goods. It is the result of a vision shared by its three founders on the need to respond to the profound upheavals that European countries are experiencing, particularly with respect to consumption. The objective is clear: enable a growing number of Europeans to consume better, at an affordable price, safely and in sufficient quantities by building a leader and champion of sustainable consumer goods. 
The company, a newly formed Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”) incorporated in France, announces its intention to raise in an offering reserved to qualified investors €250 million, which may be increased up to €300 million, in order to achieve an initial acquisition with a value of between 1.5 billion euros and just over 2 billion euros. 2MX Organic was thus established for the purpose of acquiring one or several targets, with a dedicated focus on sustainability, operating in Europe with main operations in the consumer goods industry – production and distribution.