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17/08/2017 Week of Regional Entrepreneurship - LIOF Amsterdam expand

Week of Regional Entrepreneurship - LIOF

From 14 August to 22 August, the gong ceremony at Beursplein 5 focuses on the activity and entrepreneurship in the various regions in the Netherlands. Euronext has invited the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Regional Development Companies to put their work in the spotlight during the Week of Regional Entrepreneurship.

LIOF visits the Amsterdam exchange to open trading during  the Week of Regional Entrepreneurship by sounding the gong. They attended the gong ceremony with Limburg-based companies: Ronmas, Robomotive, Vectioneer, Mine Kafon, Accerion, and GDO. LIOF helps SMEs in Limburg to grow and supports them every step of the way. By supporting SMEs we stimulate growth in the entire region. If the region grows, so does everyone in it. For LIOF growth is not just about sales and profits but also about greater competitiveness - to offer advantages and generate social returns. LIOF’s work in the region is made tangible by creating jobs in Limburg, providing relevant products and services in and for Limburg, and enhancing the reputation of the region as it ascends the rankings for innovation and job opportunities.

René van Vlerken, Head Small & Mid Cap Listings at Euronext Amsterdam: ''The Regional development companies are extremely important for the growth of the Dutch economy and accelerating innovation.'' Entrepreneurship and the exchange go hand in hand, for over 400 years. Euronext plays an important role in the financing of the real economy. "With initiatives like Euronext Growth and our exclusive TechShare program, we support medium and small businesses in their growth, we provide access to finance, help in promoting the organization, and  increase its visibility."

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16/08/2017 Ministry of Economic Affairs Amsterdam expand

Week of Regional Entrepreneurship - Ministry of Economic Affairs 

From 14 August to 22 August, the gong ceremony at Beursplein 5 focuses on the activity and entrepreneurship in the various regions in the Netherlands. Euronext has invited the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Regional Development Companies to put their work in the spotlight during the Week of Regional Entrepreneurship.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, along with regional governments (mostly provinces), is a shareholder of five RDCs (NOM, Oost NV, LIOF, BOM and IQ). The RDCs connect national innovation and top sector policy to regional economic policy, and in doing so are important for the services to innovative SMEs. Through their venture capital companies RDCs support and finance innovations of SMEs and contribute to the economic growth and employment of the region. Pieter Waasdorp, director of entrepreneurship, sounds the gong in the presence of colleagues, all of whom are concerned with the RDCs.

Pieter Waasdorp: "The Ministry of Economic Affairs supports and encourages entrepreneurship in the Netherlands in different ways. For example, by improving access to finance for SMEs, by providing information and by issuing guarantees such as the BMKB and the GO to companies. In addition, we encourage the start-up and growth of companies and help companies to new forms of funding. We do this together with partners like the Regional Development Companies, but also with Startup Delta and the Chamber of Commerce. "

René van Vlerken, Head Small & Mid Cap Listings at Euronext Amsterdam: ''The Regional development companies are extremely important for the growth of the Dutch economy and accelerating innovation.'' Entrepreneurship and the exchange go hand in hand, for over 400 years. Euronext plays an important role in the financing of the real economy. "With initiatives like Euronext Growth and our exclusive TechShare program, we support medium and small businesses in their growth, we provide access to finance, help in promoting the organization, and  increase its visibility."

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15/08/2017 Week of Regional Entrepreneurship - NOM Amsterdam expand

Week of Regional Entrepreneurship - NOM

From 14 August to 22 August, the gong ceremony at Beursplein 5 focuses on the activity and entrepreneurship in the various regions in the Netherlands. Euronext has invited the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Regional Development Companies to put their work in the spotlight during the Week of Regional Entrepreneurship.

The Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands (NV NOM) opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange. Deputy Managing Director Geert Buiter sounds the gong. The NOM aims to contribute substantially to economic growth in the Northern Netherlands by supporting enterprises in the development leaps they encounter along the way to success. Geert Buiter: “We aim to support companies in the Northern Netherlands in growth, whether they be a start-up with an innovative idea or an established company in a growth and takeover situation. We are proud of each and every company we collaborate with. Led by passionate entrepreneurs who inspire the whole team, these companies work hard to achieve success. One of these companies is M4FOUR, manufacturer of customized vinyl floors. We are pleased to open the Exchange with them today.”

René van Vlerken, Head Small & Mid Cap Listings at Euronext Amsterdam: ''The Regional development companies are extremely important for the growth of the Dutch economy and accelerating innovation.'' Entrepreneurship and the exchange go hand in hand, for over 400 years. Euronext plays an important role in the financing of the real economy. "With initiatives like Euronext Growth and our exclusive TechShare program, we support medium and small businesses in their growth, we provide access to finance, help in promoting the organization, and  increase its visibility."

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14/08/2017 Week of Regional Entrepreneurship - Oost NL Amsterdam expand

Week of Regional Entrepreneurship -  Oost NL

From 14 August to 22 August, the gong ceremony at Beursplein 5 focuses on the activity and entrepreneurship in the various regions in the Netherlands. Euronext has invited the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Regional Development Companies to put their work in the spotlight during the Week of Regional Entrepreneurship.

Development Agency East Netherlands (Oost NL) opens the trading day at the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext by sounding the gong to bring attention to the innovative business stars in which they have invested. Innovation is important for companies, as well as regional and national economic development, and Oost NL takes this opportunity to bring attention to the innovative companies it has boosted over the years. Some of these companies have been invited to attend the ceremony: Xenikos, MIMETAS, Hygear, Solease, Axign, and NIZO.

Many innovative start-up companies fail to make the leap from their product development phase to a growing enterprise that registers consistent performance and growth. In order to help bridge this transition, at Development Agency East Netherlands they leverage investments made using funding from the Dutch government, as well as the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel to help business owners to grow faster through innovation, investing and internationalization. Together with the business owners, Oost NL searches for the right type of funding for each situation. The goal is to help businesses to responsibly transition from start-up to growth phases and eventually to stimulate the local economy through new jobs. This is how they strengthen the regional economies. They do this at the behest of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel.

René van Vlerken, Head Small & Mid Cap Listings at Euronext Amsterdam: ''The Regional development companies are extremely important for the growth of the Dutch economy and accelerating innovation.'' Entrepreneurship and the exchange go hand in hand, for over 400 years. Euronext plays an important role in the financing of the real economy. "With initiatives like Euronext Growth and our exclusive TechShare program, we support medium and small businesses in their growth, we provide access to finance, help in promoting the organization, and  increase its visibility."

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11/08/2017 Grachtenfestival Amsterdam expand

Grachtenfestival celebrates 20th edition

Saxophonist Stefan de Wijs of the Keuris Quartet opens the Amsterdam exchange on the occasion of the Grachtenfestival. The Keuris Quartet will perform ‘Nieuwe noten voor Keuris Quartet’ during the Grachtenfestival at the StadSalon. Three new works have been composed for the occasion. The composers will attend the concert to listen to the world premiere of their own compositions.

This year the Grachtenfestival will present very talented young musicians on wonderful venues. Performing musicians will leave trodden paths and unlock new worlds for the audience. Thrilling sound on ruddy locations, intimate concerts on historical premises. Each performance is outstanding and a pride to the Grachtenfestival.

The Grachtenfestival is celebrating its 20th birthday and does so ‘In Style’, which is the festival theme this year. From 11 – 20 August the capital city is fizzing with classical music, jazz and world music, performed by a topnotch variety of international and young musicians. The entire program consists of over 250 concerts on more than 90 venues.

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10/08/2017 Actiam Amsterdam expand

Actiam announces receiving top scores in global responsible investment survey

Fund and asset manager ACTIAM published the results of the annual responsible investment survey conducted by Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). ACTIAM received the highest score in 11 out of 14 modules. Compared to 2016, ACTIAM improved its score in seven modules. On this occasion they sound the gong at the Amsterdam exchange.

PRI conducts an annual responsible investment survey among its members. Respondents receive a score ranging from E to A+ for each module. ACTIAM obtained the highest possible score for its active ownership approach. In the area of inclusive finance (e.g. microfinance and SME financing in emerging markets) ACTIAM managed to improve its score from A to A+. This means that ACTIAM is in the top 10% of the market.

ACTIAM is a leading responsible asset and fund manager for more than one million people in the Netherlands, with €54.6 billion in assets under management (as at December 2016). ACTIAM offers a comprehensive range of investment funds and investment solutions that extends from index investing all the way to impact investing. They impose strict criteria on their investments and follow a strict, scrupulous selection process without making concessions in the area of financial returns.

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10/08/2017 Jensen-Group Brussels expand

20 years Jensen-Group on Euronext

Euronext is very proud to welcome Jensen-Group for a bell ceremony in honour of their 20th listing anniversary because this family business has a remarkable track record on the Brussels Stock Exchange.

09/08/2017 Ebury Amsterdam expand

Fintech company Ebury opens its doors at the Zuidas

Financial service provider Ebury has seen such a rapid growth in the Benelux that they are opening a new office at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. On that occasion, Ebury opens the trading day at the Amsterdam exchange.

The company started with five employees in Amsterdam, four years ago. Currently the company has seventy employees and Ebury helps over five thousand relations with international payments and risk management. With this growth in mind, a new office was opened in the capital city, at the Zuidas.

Ebury is a specialist in currency transactions and trade finance. The financial service provider offers access to more than 150 currencies, market expertise, and the company provides working capital to support fast growing companies.

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08/08/2017 ASN Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for ASN Ideaalsparen and ASN Depositosparen

ASN Bank visits the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext and opens trading by sounding the gong. They do so on the occasion of them recently obtaining – once again – five stars for the terms of their ASN Bank savings account.

ASN Ideaalsparen scored the maximum score in the June 2017 MoneyView survey for the second time in a row. ASN Depositosparen received the highest rating for the fifth year in a row. According to MoneyView, ASN Bank’s savings accounts offer more opportunities than comparable accounts from other banks.

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07/08/2017 BinckBank Amsterdam expand

BinckBank celebrates start of first BinckBank Tour-race

Former professional-cyclist Maarten Tjallingii opens the trading day at the Amsterdam Exchange for BinckBank (ticker symbol: BINCK) to celebrate the start of the first BinckBank Tour, the biggest professional cycling event in Belgium and The Netherlands with stars like Giro d’Italia-winner Tom Dumoulin and World Champion Peter Sagan participating.

BinckBank will be the name-sponsor of the race for the next five years. The bank wants to increase its brand awareness. Also investors are known to be fans of cycling and followers of cycling events.

BinckBank is the biggest independent Dutch online bank for small investors and offers a range of financial products to retail customers in five European countries. BinckBank is listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 2005.

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04/08/2017 SneekWeek Amsterdam expand

Lipton Ice Tea launches SneekWeek with stroke on the gong

The sounding of the gong at the Amsterdam exchange launches the Sneekweek. The biggest sailing event on inland waterways of Europe is held for the 82nd time from 5 to 10 August.

More than 1,800 participants in 35 different sailing classes compete for a spot on the highest podium. The organization of the event is in the hands of the Royal Watersport Sneek. The sailing competitions take place every day at the Sneekermeer, where more than 150 volunteers from the Royal Watersportvereniging will be working all week. From early morning until late at night, they ensure that the regatta runs smoothly. The KWS is thereby financially supported by a number of large nationally operating companies. The event is sponsored bij Lipton Ice Tea, part of Euronext listed Unilever (ticker symbol: UNIA).

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03/08/2017 Summer Competition Amsterdam expand

Sounding of gong for Zomercompetitie

The Zomercompetitie (Summer Competition) is a football and hockey tournament for companies in the Amsterdam area. The competition is being held for the 11th time this summer. Soccer coordinator Amsterdam, Remco Kamlag, sounds the gong and marks the final week of the Zomercompetitie 2017

Between 30 May and 11 August 25 over 100 companies participate in the tournament. Teams compete during the course of 20 playing days, in the hopes of achieving the 2014 football and hockey title. The league has a unique character; both football and hockey takes place at one location, and is played in a format of six against six. In addition to the sport aspect, the Summer Competition provides a networking platform where both participating companies and sponsors can meet young professionals. Ten percent of the profit will go to charity, the Hockey Dreams Foundation.

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02/08/2017 Rabobank's innovation program introduces Tellow Amsterdam expand

Bye bye bookkeeping, hello Tellow

Tellow celebrates the launch of her bookkeeping solution for freelancers. Tellow was recently introduced, after a year of rigorous user testing and developing. The overwhelming number of applications confirmed the need for a good solution. To no surprise because bookkeeping is in fact not the most popular part of doing business, it takes time, money and often causes stress.

Tellow is bookkeeping on the go. Freelancers get real-time insight into their financials through a direct link with the current account. Tellow automates manual processes, such as scanning and booking of receipts. By offering a cloud solution for web and mobile, Tellow meets the fundamental needs of this user group.

Tellow is a Moonshot from Rabobank's innovation program. With so-called Moonshots, employees get the opportunity to develop innovative ideas and prepare them for market launch. Tellow is now available throughout the Netherlands.

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01/08/2017 LYNX Rendement Fonds Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for LYNX Rendement Fonds

LYNX is known for its brokerage services for retail investors. Several months ago, LYNX introduced an investment fund; The LYNX Rendement Fonds. To officially celebrate the launch of this new product, Tycho Schaaf, Portfolio Manager of the LYNX Rendement Fonds, will open the trading day at the Amsterdam exchange.

What makes the LYNX Rendement Fonds unique? The LYNX Rendement Fonds aims to achieve an annual positive return, regardless of whether the market goes up or down. The fund has a large number of automated trading systems at its disposal. In times of falling stock markets and relatively high volatility, the fund is able to sustain its positive performance.The investment fund of LYNX serves as a good supplement for any investment portfolio.

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31/07/2017 Pluk de Nacht open-air film festival Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong ahead of open-air film festival Pluk de Nacht

The open-air film festival Pluk de Nacht (Seize the Night) has its opening night at the Stenen Hoofd Amsterdam on 16 August. The team behind Pluk de Nacht opens the trading day.

The festival will be open daily from 3 pm with a programme of art, food and drinks. In the evening, visitors can relax in a beach chair and enjoy (inter) national feature films, documentaries and animations that have not been shown in the Netherlands before. On Sunday afternoon 20 August, the festival welcomes its youngest fans at Pluk Mini, with activities and films for children aged 2-12 years.

Pluk de Nacht Amsterdam runs from 16 to 26 August. Directly after, Pluk de Nacht travels to Utrecht (31 August to 3 September).

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28/07/2017 Pride Amsterdam 2017 Amsterdam expand

Pride Amsterdam 2017

Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation opens trading together with its ambassadors and a delegation of Rabobank. The sounding of the gong marks the start of Pride Amsterdam 2017. Pride Amsterdam 2017 is held from 29 July until 6 August. This year’s theme is: ‘This Is My Pride’.

In order to better serve the LHBTI audiences, to enhance them, be inclusive to everyone and to better promote the festival’s message, the Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation will issue a record amount of € 125,000, - for purely and only substantive program components. Many people know the Pride Amsterdam festival mainly for the world-famous boat parade, but it is also a nine-day festival with an important message.

Pride is a grand party and at the same time an impressive plea for the emancipation of LHBTIs. The Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation wants to constantly pay attention to human rights in general and the acceptance and equality of LHBTIs in particular, anywhere in the world. Pride Amsterdam offers a range of events in the area of debate, art, theater, film, dance, party and sport with its partners.

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27/07/2017 AFM and DSI cooperation Amsterdam expand

AFM and DSI sign cooperation covenant

The Dutch financial markets authority AFM and the DSI foundation sound the gong after singing cooperation covenant. Jorine Berends from DSI sounds the gong and opens the trading day.

The Dutch financial markets authority AFM and the DSI foundation are to cooperate in the area of appropriate qualifications for investment professionals as necessitated by the ESMA guidelines. DSI will ensure that the relevant investment professionals who are certified by DSI as of 2018 will meet the criteria stipulated by the European Securities & Markets Authority. To this end, DSI and AFM signed a covenant of cooperation in which AFM endorses DSI’s certification programme.  

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26/07/2017 Groupe RATP Green Bond Paris expand

Alain Le Duc, CFO of Groupe RATP, and Marie-Claude Dupuis,  Director of Strategy Innovation & Development, celebrate the launch of their first Green Bond.

The RATP Group is the world's fifth largest public transport company, operating all types of collective mobility: bus, metro, trains and trams. Every day, the RATP Group manages more than 16 million trips around the world.
Low-carbon and sustainable transport has a key role to play in facilitating a modal transportation shift, enabling the transition to a low carbon economy, to support future climate change mitigation efforts and to build the sustainable city.
That's why RATP has set the objectives to reduce its greenhouse gases emissions (GHG) by 50% between 2015 and 2025 and to reduce energy consumption by 20% at the same period.
The €500 million RATP Green Bond issuance, dedicated to low-carbon and sustainable transport, is an opportunity to emphasize the group’s strategy in terms of sustainability and climate change, and to diversify the RATP investor base, thanks to a reinforced dialogue with Socially Responsible Investors.

26/07/2017 Knab Amsterdam expand

Knab named most profitable payment account for self-employed

Knab's business payment account has been named the most inexpensive account in 2017 for self-employed by MoneyView. It is for the fourth consecutive year that Knab is the only bank to hold the maximum five-star rating for the "Price" item in business payment accounts segment . On this occasion, they visit the Amsterdam exchange. Robbert Bakker, CEO of Knab, opens the trading day by sounding the gong.

The survey of corporate payment accounts by the independent benchmark institute MoneyView has been focused on the self-employed this year. The high score of Knab is explained by MoneyView: "Knab is well aware of package costs, credit card costs, and subscription fees for internet banking. In addition, Knab has a credit interest rate and there is an extensive free interest rate. Knab has been stable for five consecutive years in terms of its pricing. "

Knab, the online platform for financial overview, was founded in 2012 and has more than 130,000 customers and about 200 employees. Knab wants people to get a grip on their finances and have insight into their financial future.

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25/07/2017 Company Webcast Amsterdam expand

Company Webcast visits Beursplein 5

Euronext recently launched its new Euronext Corporate Services offer. Company Webcast’s webcast solutions are a key part of this offering. With the sounding of the gong by Managing Director Olaf Lawerman, Company Webcast highlights its unique Investor Relations webcast services for listed companies across Europe.

Research shows that webcasting financial results delivers a better performance in the stock market. It also increases your visibility and boosts engagement among the investor community. This makes webcasting a must-have for efficient financial communication and better market performance.

The recently released, cutting-edge Next Generation Webcast Platform offers listed companies higher visibility and greater engagement with shareholders, analysts, investors, and other stakeholders. In addition Company Webcast can measure and report back the impact of every Investor Relations webcast you make with them, making the new Investor Relations webcast services truly the best in the market.

Company Webcast is a European market leader in professional webcasts and webinars for Investor Relations. The company produces over 10,000 successful live events each year.

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24/07/2017 Rabobank Foundation Amsterdam expand

Rabobank Foundation celebrates winning Jacques Diouf Award

Rabobank Foundation celebrates winning the FAO’s international Jacques Diouf Award 2016-2017 with the sounding of the gong. Rabobank Foundation was presented with the award for its efforts to support and economically strengthen small farming communities in developing countries.

The award recognises Rabobank Foundation’s many years of dedication to improving the lives and food security of small farmers in developing countries. Global food security is a strategic Banking for Food theme for our organisation. The world population is growing rapidly and the agricultural sector is faces with a huge challenge to continue to meet the increasing demand for food.

Rabobank Foundation focuses in developing countries on small farmers who have little or no access to financing and the market. Rabobank Foundation invests in the financial self-sufficiency of cooperatives and helps them on their way to autonomy and independence. It does this by, for example, providing financing and sharing the wealth of cooperative, banking and agricultural knowledge the Rabobank organisation has developed over more than a century. Receiving the award is an acknowledgement that Rabobank’s Banking for Food strategy is of great value and it’s an encouragement to keep doing what they do.

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21/07/2017 AFS Group Amsterdam expand

AFS Group’s Fixed Income team sounds gong

The Fixed Income team of AFS Group, situated at Beursplein 5, opens trading at the Amsterdam Exchange. William Skultety, Senior Fixed Income Sales at AFs, sounds the gong.

The in recent years strongly expanded AFS Fixed Income department, operating from Amsterdam and Frankfurt offers institutional investors an all-to-all marketplace for primary & secondary market fixed income investments. Today's gong ceremony reminds market participants of the continued role and importance AFS Fixed Income in providing investment ideas and market liquidity.

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20/07/2017 Hill+Knowlton Strategies Amsterdam expand

Hill+Knowlton Strategies wins international prize for communication’s listing

With its communication strategy for’s listing at Euronext Amsterdam, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Netherlands won a Golden World Award for Excellence (GWA) in the category Financial Services & Investor Relations. To celebrate this, they visit the Amsterdam exchange and open trading by sounding the gong.

These Awards are awarded for work in communication and public relations that meets the highest standards in the field. The international prize is awarded annually by International Public Relations Association (IPRA), the global professional association for communication professionals.

Hill+Knowlton, a leading communications advisory agency in the Netherlands since 1972, developed the communication strategy for the successful listing of at Euronext Amsterdam. An important part was to highlight the company, the international growth strategy, the business model and the most important investment criteria of with all relevant stakeholders. The communication strategy and guidance by Hill+Knowlton caused unrivaled attention from media and opinion leaders and support from investors and other key stakeholders for's listing.

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19/07/2017 Hardt and BAM Amsterdam expand

Hardt and BAM have built Europe’s first hyperloop test facility

Hardt was founded as a company by a number of the winners from Elon Musk’s hyperloop competition that was held earlier this year. Together with the European construction company BAM (ticker symbol: BAMNB), they have built Europe’s first hyperloop test facility to test the technology for this futuristic transport system. On this occasion they open trading at the Amsterdam exchange.

For BAM, the cooperation with Hardt fits seamlessly into its ambition to invest in new technology and to work with innovative, entrepreneurial partners. Marinus Schimmel, Director of BAM Infra Nederland bv: “‘We are connecting for the future. We are constantly looking for new and smart ways of travelling in order to make an important contribution to improving our transportation systems and creating a more sustainable society. We are on the verge of a unique, completely new technology which will allow us to make much more efficient use of our means of transport and our transport infrastructure.”

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18/07/2017 BNP Paribas Amsterdam expand

BNP Paribas named world’s best bank for corporates in Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2017

Euronext Paris listed BNP Paribas (ticker symbol: BNP) was named “World’s Best Bank for Corporates” for 2017 by Euromoney, the leading financial publication. The global accolade was one of six awards won in total by BNP Paribas. On this occasion they open trading at the Amsterdam exchange.

Overall, BNP Paribas won the following six awards: World’s Best Bank for Corporates, Best Digital Bank in Western Europe, Best Investment Bank in Belgium, Best Bank in France, Best Bank in Kosovo, and Best Bank in Luxembourg.

Commenting on winning “World’s Best Bank for Corporates”, Yann Gerardin, Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking, BNP Paribas said: “The last 12 months have seen us accelerate the transformation of our business, the aim being to meet more needs, of more clients, more effectively. Euromoney’s acknowledgement of our progress is encouraging and a function of three factors: the support of the entire BNP Paribas Group; the commitment of our teams; and the trust our clients continue to show in us. This award – alongside the other five we have won – is recognition of their contribution, and my sincere thanks go to all.”

BNP Paribas is a leading bank in Europe with an international reach. It has a presence in 74 countries, with more than 192,000 employees, including more than 146,000 in Europe.

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17/07/2017 The Walk of the World Amsterdam expand

The International Four Days Marches Nijmegen; The Walk of the World

Johan Willemstein, Chairman Stichting DE 4DAAGSE, sounds the gong to celebrate the start of the 101st Four Days Marches.

The Four Days Marches are a walking achievement event for four consecutive days, in which annually tens of thousands walkers are participating. On those days, people from all over the world come to Nijmegen to walk in and around the city and its beautiful wooded surroundings. Hundreds of thousands of spectators are cheering on the walkers along the route every day. After four days of walking, a glorious entry along the Via Gladiola awaits the walkers, followed by the distribution of their well-deserved Four Days Medal. In 2017 at the 101st edition of the event, some 45,000 participants will attend. From some 70 countries participants come to Nijmegen to walk four days respectively 30, 40 or 50  kilometers per day. The 101th edition of the Four Days Marches will start Tuesday 18 April at 4 a.m.

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14/07/2017 Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour Amsterdam expand

North Sea Foundation organizes fifth Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour

The North Sea Foundation (Stichting de Noordzee) kicks off the fifth Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour. Floris van Hest, General manager Stichting de Noordzee, sounds the gong.

From August 1st till 15th the North Sea Foundation organizes the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour where the entire Dutch North Sea coast is cleared of waste. The Cleanup kicks off simultaneously in Cadzand and Schiermonnikoog. Volunteers take on 30 stages in 15 days, where half walk towards the north, the other half towards the south of Holland. After two weeks the two teams meet and finish the Cleanup in Zandvoort. Those interested can register for one or multiple stages online. Together with 6.377 volunteers, the North Sea Foundation cleared 57.426 kilos off the Dutch beaches, since the first edition in 2013. This boils down to over 10.000 waste bags full of waste.

The North Sea Foundation is an environmental non-governmental organisation (NGO) advocating the protection and sustainable use of the North Sea marine ecosystem. The goal is a clean, healthy sea and a well-functioning ecosystem. Its activities are focused on clean seas and beaches, clean shipping, sustainable fisheries, eco-friendly  sustainable energy and marine protected areas. The Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour is made possible by the support of their main sponsor and partners.

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13/07/2017 Aegon Investment TV Amsterdam expand

Aegon sounds gong for 100th episode of Aegon Beleggings TV

The editors of Aegon Beleggings TV (Aegon Investment TV) open the trading day, consequently they will film the 100th episode at the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext. Olaf van den Heuvel, Aegon Asset Management, who is the talking head in most of the episodes thus far, will sound the gong.

How best to explain a major economic crisis? This question triggered the first episode of Aegon Beleggings TV (Aegon Investment TV) back in November 2009. Having to explain complex matters in front of a camera, forces one to be concise and plain simple. It worked, and it has been Aegon’s concept for all 99 episodes. Talking about political and economic developments and how they influence stock markets – all in a couple of minutes.

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12/07/2017 TURBOS LIFE Paris expand

Société Générale celebrates the listing of TURBOS LIFE

Société Générale opens the trading day in Paris for the listing of Turbos Life.

Turbos Life is a brand new range of structured products listed on Euronext Paris. These leveraged products are infinite Turbos whose knock-out don't lead to deactivation but only an adjustment in its caracteristics, the infinite rebirth of the Turbo.

12/07/2017 Algorithmic Trading Group Amsterdam expand

Algorithmic Trading Group BV moves to Beursplein 5

Chief Risk Officer and co-owner of Algorithmic Trading Group (ATG), Jelper Striet, opens trading by sounding the gong. ATG celebrates its recent relocation to Beursplein 5.

ATG is a young trading company founded in October 2008 in Hong Kong, by Bob Collin, Chun Wing Man, and Tom Voûte . ATG specializes in algorithmic trading on the major financial markets around the world. ATG has offices in Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

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11/07/2017 Arcadis Amsterdam expand

Arcadis celebrates successes in its digital transformation

Arcadis’ Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Julien Cayet sounds the opening gong at Euronext Amsterdam with the digital leadership team to celebrate a number of recent successes in its digital transformation.

Julien Cayet has been announced as the company’s CDO. Subsequently, a multidisciplinary team has been formed to build a digitally-enabled business. The core team – whom will work closely with the office of the Chief Information Officer – comprises the CDO and leaders in BIM/digital asset lifecycle, digital innovation, data analytics and insights, ecosystem partnerships, marketing & communications and human capital.

The team has seen a number of successes including the launch of its first design thinking innovation program Deep Orange and recognition for its digital transformation in Het Financieelee Dagblad ranking Arcadis #1 in the sector, #2 in culture and 6 out of 200 Dutch companies, according to Vlerick Business School’s FD Transformers 200 report.

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10/07/2017 FD De Nieuwe Kampioen 2017 Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for FD De Nieuwe Kampioen 2017

The sounding of the gong to open the trading day at the Amsterdam exchange is to call attention to The New Champions of 2017, an inventory of promising young companies with ground breaking products or services. In a series of portraits in the financial daily Het FD, online and in reports on BNR Newsradio, we have highlighted these new champions in Dutch business.

The 2017 nominees are innovative in energy, mobility, robotics, logistics, high tech and financial sectors. They show healthy growth in sales, jobs, investment or otherwise. And they have the potential to conquer their industry. The eight nominated New Champions 2017 are: Additive Industries, Brand New Day, Five Degrees, Heliox, One of a Kind Technologies, SendCloud, Ultimaker, and Vandebron.

The gong is sounded by Additive Industries, which was declared  ‘New Champion of 2017’ by the expert panel of the project, accompanied by Heliox, winner of the public vote, and the members of the New Champion 2017 team, consisting of representatives of Het Financieele Dagblad and Grant Thornton, sponsor of the New Champion project.

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07/07/2017 Carmila Paris expand

Listing of Carmila on Euronext

Jacques Ehrmann, CEO of Carmila, opens the trading day in Paris.

After the merger-absorption of Carmila in June 2017, Cardety changed its name to Carmila. The new group owns and manages business parks and shopping malls.

07/07/2017 Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp Amsterdam expand

Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp kicks off ‘Zomerpret’ project

The trading day is opened by Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp. By sounding the gong, Chantal van Gool, Hoofd fondsenwerving Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp, brings their new ‘Zomerpret’ (Summerfun) campaign to the attention.

Kinderhulp states that summer vacation is usually something to look forward to, but the 1 out of 8 children who grow up in poverty are not looking forward to it at all. For the children who don’t live at their parental house  anymore it’s even more difficult. They do not go anywhere and experience few other fun things. When they go to school again, they have little stories to tell and feel left out. That’s why Kinderhulp introduces the ‘Zomerpretpakket’, which main goal is: giving children in poverty a nice summer holiday.

They will be doing that by distributing ‘Summer boxes’ with various items, for good and bad weather, to get through the summer. For example: toys, books, a cinema voucher, a beach ball, sunscreen, a trip to a theme park, school supplies and DIY-ideas .

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06/07/2017 Finance Run Amsterdam expand

Finance Run opens trading

The sounding of the gong brings attention to The Finance Run, a sporting and informal networking event in the financial services industry. The profits will be donated to Stichting LEF. LEF stands for Leven En Financiën (Living and Finance). Their goal is to increase financial awareness among youngsters.

This year the Finance Run will take place on Friday 1 September at the Bosbaan at the Amsterdamse bos. Over 1.000 finance professionals are expected to participate, either on behalf of their company or individually. This year will be the fourth edition. The number of participants - and thereby the profits for LEF – have grown considerably over the years. The success can partially be attributed to a large number of sponsors and media partners.

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05/07/2017 Rijksmuseum summer exhibitions Amsterdam expand

ING and Rijksmuseum kick off new series of summer exhibitions

Rijksmuseum and their main sponsor ING sound the gong to open the summer season. The summer exhibitions at the Rijksmuseum include the free accessible exhibition of Jean Dubuffet in the gardens of the Rijksmuseum, medieval carving art at Small Wonders and a major retrospective of 19th century photography at the exhibition New Realities.

Since 2005, Euronext listed, ING and Rijksmuseum have been working closely in attracting a broad audience to the museum and strengthening the relationship with Dutch visitors. The ING Rijksmuseum days e.g. offer ING customers a chance to get acquainted with the Rijksmuseum. In addition, ING is also sponsor of Rijksmuseum Schiphol, this one of a kind venture is the first art museum at an airport located beyond the passport control.

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04/07/2017 The Challenge - Best finance professional Amsterdam expand

Gong sounds for the winner of FD The Challenge Finance

The gong is sounded by The Challenge Finance winner Krista Luijten. The Challenge Finance is an interactive event organized by Yacht Finance, Het Financieele Dagblad and BNR Nieuwsradio.

The Challenge is an interactive live business event where four selected professionals compete for the win in their field. This concept fully fits the Yacht idea that professionals want to matter, want to make the difference for their organization, their field of study and for society.

This edition of The Challenge Finance revolved around the question of which financial actions should be taken to ensure that scale-up Bloomon will become the first global flower brand, with the starting point: realizable, scalable and innovative. The client, the jury and the audience eventually chose Krista Luijten, working as Product Owner Risk Innovation at ABN AMRO, as Best Finance Professional 2017. Prior to The Challenge Finance 2017, The Financieele Dagblad and Yacht The Challenge have already organized two editions in 2016. The next Challenge, focused on the IT sector, is scheduled for November 2017.

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03/07/2017 Fresh Funds Amsterdam expand

Fresh Funds opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange

Fresh Fixed Income Fund sounds the gong to celebrate its one-year anniversary.  The fund allows investors the opportunity to invest in an active and professionally managed portfolio in fixed income. The primary objective is to subscribe to new issues. Those bonds frequently offer an extra premium and can be purchased without bid and offer spread. Both of these factors benefit the return.

Fresh Fixed Income Fund is the first investment fund under the Fresh label of AIFMD manager OHV Institutional Asset Management BV. The fund kicked off with seed capital of € 27.7 million. Currently the assets under management have grown to € 67.5 million. Net return since inception is more than 4 percent.

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30/06/2017 Van Lanschot Kempen Amsterdam expand

New name and ticker at Euronext for Van Lanschot Kempen

Van Lanschot is now officially Van Lanschot Kempen. The existing ticker symbol on Euronext (currently LANS) will change to VLK. Karl Guha, Chariman of the Board, opens the trading day and launches the new name and brand, by sounding the gong.

Karl Guha says: "With the introduction of this new group name, our communication with shareholders and other stakeholders closely matches our wealth management strategy. The name Van Lanschot Kempen reflects on the character of the company, our common culture and the changes we make. The individual brands of Lanschot, Evi and Kempen remain as trusted in the market and maintain their focus on private banking, private and institutional customers, respectively.“

The name, the logo with tree, the foundation year 1737, and the chosen color, together reflect the power of the combination of Van Lanschot and Kempen.

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29/06/2017 Candriam ETFs Paris expand

Candriam ETFs list on Euronext Paris and cross-list on Euronext Amsterdam

Koen Van de Maele, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of Candriam, opens the trading day in Paris for the listing of their ESG and Smart Beta specialised ETFs on Euronext Paris and cross-listing at Euronext Amsterdam. Candriam Investors Group is a leading pan-European multi-specialist asset manager with a 20-year track record and a team of 500 experienced professionals, managing about €107.2 bn AuM at the end of March 2017.

29/06/2017 BinckBank Amsterdam expand

BinckBank and Euronext strengthen knowledge cooperation

BinckBank opens the trading day to mark the cooperation between Euronext and BinckBank. Binck Netherlands and Euronext Amsterdam will join forces to inform –potential – retail investors about various aspects of investing, including jointly organizing informative and educational initiatives. The aim is to expand knowledge about investing.

Jeroen Sonsma, Director Binck Nederland, is happy with the cooperation with Euronext: “As the biggest broker on the Dutch market, our valued customer service team answer hundreds of questions from our clients on a daily base. It is evident that we would like to inform (potential) investors approaching Euronext and help answering their investor questions. In addition, it demonstrates confidence that we can do this together with Euronext.”

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29/06/2017 Extensa bonds Brussels expand

‘It’s good to be back’ said Extensa CEO Kris Verhellen just after CFO Laurent Jacquemart rang the bell to open the markets. Real estate developer Extensa celebrated the listing on Euronext Brussels of its bonds through the Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) programme.

28/06/2017 Robeco SummerNights Amsterdam expand

Gong ceremony to mark the start of the Robeco SummerNights concert series

Wilma van Rossum, Brand Manager at Robeco, and Carlien Blok, Head Marketing, Communications and Sales at The Concertgebouw, sound the gong at the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext to open the trading day. Entertainer Sven Ratzke will give a musical introduction to the striking of the gong.   

The collaboration between Robeco and The Royal Concertgebouw on Robeco SummerNights – the longest-running and most successful partnership in the cultural sector – is about to start once again. Robeco and The Concertgebouw will start the 29th year of their collaboration. This 29th year promises another summer with soloists and orchestras from all over the world.

During Robeco SummerNights, which this year will be held between 1 July and 31 August, audiences can enjoy over 80 concerts in The Concertgebouw in the classical, pop, jazz and world music genres. The music will vary from Max Richters 8-hour long SLEEP to three concerts by pianists Arthur and Lucas Jussen, and from the Aurora Orchestra playing Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 by heart to ‘Viva la Diva’:  an evening of glitter and glamour with singers Tania Kross and Sven Ratzke and the Metropole Orchestra. And, as in every edition, there will be international youth orchestras present, amongst which the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester.

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27/06/2017 Non-financial reporting Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for non-financial reporting

The opening of the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext brings non-financial reporting to the attention. More and more organizations recognize the importance of non-financial reporting and actively work on such (integrated) reports.

In addition to the financial results, these reports include the results on sustainability, governance, diversity, privacy and the environment. To emphasize the growing interest in non-financial reporting, Tjeerd Krumpelman, ABN AMRO's Head of Business Advisory, Reporting & Stakeholder Management,  and Nick de Ruiter, Partner at CSR Consultancy Company Sustainalize, sound the gong and open trading at the Amsterdam exchange.

In addition to Sustainalize and ABN AMRO, the gong ceremony is attended by representatives of relevant institutions engaged in reporting non-financial information. Thus, representatives of the Global Reporting Initiative, Eumedion, the NBA and the Association of Investors in Sustainable Development (VBDO) are present. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, responsible for the annual Transparency Benchmark, is also in attendance.

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26/06/2017 20th listing anniversary ICT Group Amsterdam expand

ICT Group celebrates 20 years listed and passes milestone of 1,000 professionals

ICT Group (ticker symbol: ICT) opens the trading day at the Amsterdam exchange to celebrate the fact that they have been listed for 20 years and the acquisition of High Tech Solutions (HTS). They hereby surpassed the milestone of 1,000 professionals.

Roy Jansen, COO: “ICT Group and HTS have worked together on many occasions in the past and it was obvious that there was a cultural fit between the two companies. HTS brings new clients and specialized knowledge to the ICT Group and because of this acquisition our company now has more than 1,000 employees. Therefore, we are very proud to be here.”

ICT Group is a leading industrial technology solutions and services provider. Over 1,000 passionate technical specialists are working for the ICT Group. The main subsidiaries of the ICT Group are: ICT Netherlands, Strypes, Raster, Improve, BMA and ICT Mobile.

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23/06/2017 Listing Eandis bond Brussels expand

Piet Buyse, Chairman of the Board of Eandis, rings the bell to celebrate the listing of the company’s retail bond.

23/06/2017 IPO Valbiotis Paris expand

Listing of Valbiotis on Euronext

Sébastien Peltier, CEO of Valbiotis, opens the trading day in Paris.

Valbiotis is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the research and development of preventive and therapeutic products based on polymolecular complexes indicated at specific stages of progression of chronic metabolic pathologies such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia or NASH (Non-Alcoholic Steatosis Hepatic).

23/06/2017 AH Product Pitch Amsterdam expand

Winner AH Product Pitch sounds gong

The Amsterdam exchange is opened by Jesse van Donk, winner of the ‘AH Product Pitch 2017’, in the company of jury member Marit van Egmond, director Merchandising & Sourcing.

Abel’s Deli, of entrepreneur Jesse van Donk, won the competition and gets on year shelf space at Albert Heijn, coaching to achieve growth and an investment package worth €125,000. The jury also appointed two runners-up, ‘Lekker in een Potje’ and ‘Boullion Brothers’, besides shelf space they also receive coaching an an investment package.

With this competition, Albert Heijn wants to encourage young entrepreneurs and provide their customers with innovative products. Albert Heijn is part of Euronext listed Ahold Delhaize (ticker symbol: AD).

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22/06/2017 Sail Den Helder Amsterdam expand

Rabobank sounds gong for Sail Den Helder

Rabobank, main sponsor of Sail Den Helder, visits the Amsterdam exchange to open trading ahead of the event. Harry Nieuwenhuizen, Executive Chairman Rabobank Kop van Noord-Holland, sounds the gong.

Sail Den Helder, held from 22 - 25 June 2017, is the biggest public event in the province of Noord-Holland this year with the backdrop of the international Tall Ships. Visitors take a deep dive in the world of the Dutch maritime nautical heritage: Tall Ships, Dutch historic ships, modern ships and naval vessels as well as the rich history of navigation and ports that is still as important to our economy.

Rabobank Kop van Noord-Holland is main sponsor and very visible in the harbor area. “Sail is good for the region and has social and economic significance. Everyone works hard to make it a success; us including" says Nieuwenhuizen. He supports the idea that Sail is also conscious about innovation: "We recently launched a masterclass ‘Innovation for businessmen’. It's our way of contributing. Innovation is really important, especially for our region.”

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21/06/2017 Top-100 Corporate Women of the Netherlands Amsterdam expand

Corporate Woman of the Netherlands visits Amsterdam exchange

Management Scope recently published the Top-100 Corporate Women of the Netherlands in 2017. Petri Hofsté, Corporate Woman of the Netherlands 2017, opens the trading day at the Amsterdam exchange by sounding the gong.

Petri Hofsté is Member of the Supervisory Board at Fugro and not only extended her title, but also added a new position as Member of the Supervisory Board at Rabobank . The rest of her career also includes positions in the financial sector, including Supervisory positions at Achmea and KAS BANK. During her career, she has held various positions in the banking sector (as deputy CFO at ABN AMRO), supervisory sector (DNB divisional director), and in the pension sector (as CFO of APG).

A female director is eligible for the title if she holds one or more positions as director or supervisory position at companies listed in the AEX, AMX or AScX-index and non-listed companies with an equity of more than 1 billion euros. Since 2016, the ranking has been extended from a Top-50 to a Top-100.

Management Scope is a magazine for the top of business Netherlands. The editorial mix consists of interviews with CEOs and directors, analyzes and expert contributions about strategic business issues, leadership, governance and relevant social and technological developments.

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20/06/2017 Triodos Real Estate Fund Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for Triodos Real Estate Fund

Triodos Vastgoedfonds, the first European sustainable real estate fund, launches a fixed price offering of up to 11,463,182 newly issued ordinary shares. The new shares issued as a result of the private placement are listed on Euronext Amsterdam. Guus Berkhout, Fund Manager Triodos Vastgoedfonds, opens the trading day by sounding the gong.

Triodos Real Estate Fund was founded in 2004 and is the first sustainable real estate fund in Europe. The fund invests exclusively in sustainable  build  managed buildings and monuments. Triodos Investment Management links investors who want to put their money into permanent, positive change, with innovative entrepreneurs and sustainable companies that are working on just that. In this way they serve as a catalyst in those sectors that play a key role in the transition to a fairer, more sustainable world.

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19/06/2017 WDP celebrates DHL partnership Amsterdam expand

WDP celebrates partnership with DHL by sounding gong

Real estate specialist WDP (ticker symbol: WDP) opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange, celebrating its long term partnership with DHL. By building a new sort center for DHL Parcel in Amsterdam, WDP is now developing the tenth site within its property portfolio for DHL in the Benelux. The new site is being built by construction company Aan de Stegge Twello. The warehouse will also be equipped with solar panels, in collaboration with Encon. This makes it the sixtieth WDP solar roof.

WDP develops and invests in logistics property (warehouses and offices). WDP's property portfolio amounts to more than 3 million m². This international portfolio of semi-industrial and logistics buildings is spread over more than 160 sites at prime logistics locations for storage and distribution in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Romania.

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16/06/2017 IPO ALD Paris expand

Listing of ALD on Euronext

Mike Masterson, CEO of ALD opens the trading day in Paris

ALD specializes in long-term leasing and fleet management. ALD’s activity is organized around 4 areas:
## long-term car leasing: rental of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, electric cars and 2-wheel vehicles to individuals and businesses;
## fleet management: assistance, maintenance, tire management, replacement, insurance, etc. ;
## medium-term car leasing: rental of vehicles for 1 to 12 months;
## sale of used vehicles.
At the end of 2016, the group had a fleet of 1,375,000 vehicles.

16/06/2017 Technical Analysis week Amsterdam expand

IEX presents ‘Week of Technical Analysis’

This week IEX presents the ‘Week of Technical Analysis’. Together with the five most well-known Dutch TA-specialists, the largest investor community in the Benelux, pays extra attention to this popular form of market analysis. 

IEX Group (ticker symbol: IEX) reaches an audience of 1.5 million investors, of whom 1.25 million in the Netherlands and about 250,000 in Belgium. IEX Group has strong brands in the Dutch market,  including IEX, Belegger, DeBeurs, Eurobench, Participations and IEXGeld. On the Belgian market, IEX Group is active with Beursduivel. IEXProfs focuses on the professional segment.

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15/06/2017 National Prokkel intern day Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong marks start of National Prokkel intern day

Trading day at the Amsterdam exchange is opened by Swannet Limpens and Yanna Resia from ABN AMRO. The gong also marks the start of the National Prokkel intern day; part of a week in which thousands of people with a (mental) disability intern for one day.

The goal of Prokkelstages is to learn what work opportunities there are for people with disabilities and to take further steps towards an inclusive labor market. ABN AMRO has an active employment policy. Swannet Limpens is head of office in Heerlen and has accepted Yanna, who has a slight intellectual disability, as hostess to welcome guests and to accompany them to their appointment at the bank.

The Dutch Prokkelweek is a week for integration and participation of mentally handicapped people. One day to get to know each other’s capabilities, one day as an example and inspiration for the rest the year, one day with the aim of creating an inclusive labor market.

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14/06/2017 IPO Balta Brussels expand

Balta’s first trading day on Euronext Brussels

Euronext today celebrated the listing of Balta, a European market leader in soft flooring, on its Brussels market (Compartment B). Balta enters the top ten of household goods and home construction companies listed on Euronext for market capitalisation. This transaction is the largest IPO on Euronext Brussels since 2014

14/06/2017 ETF Securities lists new ETPs Amsterdam expand

ETF Securities celebrates cross-listed products by opening trading

ETF Securities, one of the world’s leading, independent providers of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), listed three of their ETPs on Euronext Amsterdam and Euronext Paris. Dutch investors can now access the firm’s robotics & automation, cyber security and physically vaulted gold ETPs on their local exchange. On this occasion, ETF Securities opens trading by sounding the gong.

Peter Lidblom, Head of Netherlands and Nordics, ETF Securities comments: “We are delighted to make these innovative products available to Dutch investors on their local exchange. We believe that in the long-term, exposure to the robotics and cyber security megatrends may deliver outperformance because both sectors are part of a major revolution.”

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13/06/2017 Avantium in AScX®-Index Amsterdam expand

Avantium celebrates inclusion in Small Cap index Euronext

Avantium (symbol: AVTX) sounds the gong to celebrate that its shares will be included in the AScX index of Euronext as of the start of trading on Monday 19 June 2017.

The inclusion of Avantium was recently announced by Euronext following its quarterly review of the AEX, AMX and AScX which is based on free-float adjusted market capitalization and liquidity. The AScX index is composed of 25 funds that trade on the Euronext Amsterdam exchange and rank position 51-75 in size. The inclusion follows the listing of Avantium shares on 15 March 2017. Frank Roerink, CFO Avantium, sounds the gong accompanied by a group of employees who have been working at Avantium almost since the very beginning.

Roerink: “On March 15 this year we celebrated the listing of the Avantium shares. Today, June 13, we have the honor to sound the gong to celebrate the inclusion of our shares in the Small Cap index. We are really pleased. Being part of this index will further raise Avantiums profile among the investor community, improve our visibility on financial markets and we expect it to have a positive impact on the liquidity of our share.”

Avantium is a leading chemical technology company and a forerunner in renewable chemistry. Together with its partners around the world, Avantium develops efficient processes and sustainable products made from biobased materials. Avantium offers a breeding ground for revolutionary renewable chemistry solutions. From invention to commercially viable production processes. Avantium also provides advanced catalysis research services and systems to the leading chemical and petrochemical companies. Avantium recorded revenues of € 10.5 million in 2016. Avantium shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam and Euronext Brussels.

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12/06/2017 Listing Antalis Paris expand

Listing of Antalis on Euronext.

Hervé Poncin, CEO of Antalis, opens the trading day in Paris.

Antalis International is Europe’s leading company specializing in professional distribution of paper, packaging products and visual communication products. The group offers coated papers, printing and office papers, envelopes and pouches, labels, packaging and storage products, plates, marking films, posters, etc.

12/06/2017 Stofwisseltour 2017 Amsterdam expand

Euronext brings attention to Stofwisseltour 2017

The trading day at Euronext is opened by Stofwisselkracht Foundation, Team Axel and Team Euronext to call attention to the Stofwisseltour 2017. Stofwisselkracht Foundation funds research for metabolic diseases through sporting events and various activities. Stofwisselkracht Foundation, organizer of the Stofwisseltour, hopes for a successful tour. The gong is sounded by Robin van Galen, Coach of the Dutch Men’s Water polo, who is an ambassador of Stofwisselkracht Foundation. The Dutch water polo men also ride in the Stofwisseltour.

Team Axel visited the Amsterdam exchange for the first time in 2015. Since then, a team of Euronext-employees participates in the Stofwisseltour as ‘Euronext for Team Axel’. This year’s Stofwisseltour takes place from 16 –18 June. Over 230 cyclists participate in this three day cycling relay to raise money for research into metabolism diseases and to raise awareness to this relatively unknown disease.

The finish of the tour is live broadcasted on NPO 1 on Sunday 18 June at 6 p.m.

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09/06/2017 IPO Balyo Paris expand

Listing of Balyo on Euronext

Fabien Bardinet, CEO of Balyo, opens the trading day in Paris.

Balyo specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of robotic handling trolleys for all logistics applications. The group offers stackers, tractors, pallet trucks, etc. capable of perceiving their environment with ease, interacting with the surrounding elements and completing tasks autonomously.

09/06/2017 15th Kempen European Property Seminar Amsterdam expand

Kempen & Co celebrates 15th edition of the European Property Seminar & three #1 Extel Awards with a bang

Kempen & Co opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange for the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the annual Kempen European Property Seminar. The seminar brings together European real estate companies and investors and has become a central meeting point for the European real estate sector. During one-on-one meetings and small group meetings, more than 50 CEO’s and CFO’s from a wide range of companies are connected.

It just so happens the seminar won this week the 2017 #1 ‘Top broker conference’ Extel Award. Kempen & Co was also selected as the #1 best brokerage firm in real estate on both a team and an individual basis. As one of the few focused merchant banks in Europe, Kempen & Co is uniquely positioned as a specialist in the real estate markets. Over the past years, Kempen & Co have built a strong position in this sector in securities brokerage, mergers and acquisitions, and equity capital market transactions.

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08/06/2017 NRC Fintech Impact Award Amsterdam expand

Gong ceremony for NRC Fintech Impact Award winner

Open financial platform Bunq and personal finance developer Budently wererecently named winner of the Fintech Impact Award 2017. Not only did bunq receive the most votes from both general public and audience, together with Budently they were also named winner by the members of the jury Don Ginsel, Janneke Willemse, Willem Vermeend and Oscar Kneppers.

Budgently and Bunq open trading in Amsterdam together with NRC and the partners of the award; knab, Topicus en Capgemini.

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07/06/2017 Statistics Netherland’s Business Cycle Challenge Amsterdam expand

Winners Statistics Netherland’s Business Cycle Challenge open gong

Every year, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) organizes the Business Cycle Challenge. In this contest, high school economics classes predict the development of the Dutch economy using 10 indicators, including the AEX index. Students analyze historical sequences, compare indicators, make connections, and follow the news to get a good prediction.

This year, 188 classes took part in the Business Cycle Challenge. Winner is class 6Ec2 of the Utrecht Stedelijk Gymnasium. They visit the Amsterdam exchange and open trading by sounding the gong.

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06/06/2017 BMLL Technologies Amsterdam expand

BMLL Technologies to offer historical limit order book data and analytics for global financial exchanges

Launching the platform in Q2 2017, BMLL offers historical full depth limit order book data, co-located from an extensive universe of exchanges and platforms with access to immense virtual CPU resources. On this occasion they visit the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext and open the trading day.

These capabilities provide customers with the ability to carry out large scale analysis of data in a highly cost effective and secure manner with BMLL’s ‘on-demand’ model. The platform also enables customers to upload and manipulate their own proprietary data and analytics as well as access BMLL’s unique analysis and distributed Bayesian Machine Learning techniques. This includes pattern recognition software providing solutions for common limit order book problems such as iceberg detection and market impact with analytics continually evolving from the latest in academic and scientific research.

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05/06/2017 TheNextWomen Summit Amsterdam expand

TheNextWomen and Elsevier sound gong for female entrepreneurship

The Euronext gong sounds for female entrepreneurship. TheNextWomen and Elsevier open trading to announce the TheNextWomen Summit on 12 June 2017 at B. Amsterdam. The entrepreneurial event brings together female start-ups and established entrepreneurs, investors and business experts.

For the sixth time entrepreneurs’ platform TheNextWomen offers a podium to inspiring and successful female entrepreneurs during its yearly Innovation Summit. Joining forces with weekly magazine Elsevier this year, TheNextWomen bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and the corporate sector. TheNextWomen and Elsevier also launch TheNextWomen100, a ranking of the one hundred most inspiring, ambitious and successful female entrepreneurs in The Netherlands.

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02/06/2017 PlaytoWork Amsterdam expand

PlaytoWork visits Beursplein 5

Two months after the launch, PlaytoWork - an online platform for recruitment, selection and assessment – has helped the first graduated Intermediate Vocational Education students to get a job through ‘serious gaming’.  On this occasion they visit the Amsterdam exchange and open trading by sounding the gong.

PlaytoWork is a gamified job placement service platform that is designed for graduated Intermediate Vocational Education school leavers. By playing games in a playful, educational and recognizable manner, they will present and position themselves on the labour market. Employers place their vacancies on the platform and get access to the ever growing database of students, of whom they can select on both hard skills and soft skills.

PlaytoWork is an initiative of the municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Economic Board. In addition, a consortium of three companies - Banenruil, Eaglescience and IJsfontein - with extensive experience in the field of recruitment, digital learning, gaming and software development - are involved. PlaytoWork’s first milestones are the 3,000 participating profiles and  the first hundred employers that use the database. The main target is to match over 25,000 participating, graduated Intermediate Vocational Education students searching for jobs and side jobs with an employer. Finally, around 100.000 Intermediate Vocational Education students, starters and professionals with 1-2 years of working experience should be available for vacancies.

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01/06/2017 Holland Colours Amsterdam expand

Holland Colours sounds gong, from Dutch startup company into global investor

Rob Harmsen, CEO Holland Colours (ticker symbol: HOLCO), opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange by sounding the gong. Holland Colours not only announces its financial results over 2016/2017 but has more to celebrate. The company also be marking the launch of a new and technology leading product line: Holcopearl®.

The company that began as a small enterprise in Apeldoorn, develops, produces and commercializes solid and liquid colorants, masterbatches and additives for coloring rigid and flexible PVC for the building and construction industry, as well as PET and polyolefins for the packaging industry. The company’s Dutch thoroughness and guts yields innovation. “Our most recent productline Holcopearl® is one of the many results of this”, Robert Harmsen proudly expresses. New products are developed and produced in close collaboration with customers, universities and knowledge centers. The company’s approach is to understand and support the regulatory challenges faced by their customers, with regard to food contact materials, the environment and changes in operations.

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31/05/2017 COSTA - COrporates and STArtups collaboration Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for COSTA program

On May 30, the national COSTA program 'corporates and startups' collaboration will be completed. 15 corporates with partners have shared their results and tools. Program manager COSTA Fancy van de Vorst and Thomas Grosfeld VNO-NCW MKB NL and CVN sound the gong and open trading.

One of the core goals of Startup Delta is creating One Single Hub by connecting the Dutch startup ecosystem. COSTA (COrporates & STArtups) pursues this goal by connecting corporates and startups and strengthening their collaboration. In this cooperation, the corporates together try to answer questions as: How should a corporate stimulate innovation in cooperation with startups? How does one facilitate the relationship between a corporate and a startup?

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30/05/2017 ACTIAM Responsible Index Equity Fund Amsterdam expand

ACTIAM launches fifth retail Responsible Index Equity Fund

With the launch of ACTIAM Verantwoord Index Aandelenfonds Opkomende Landen, the responsible fund- and asset manager ACTIAM is celebrating the launch of its fifth responsible index equity fund for the retail market.

John Shen, board member of ACTIAM, took the honors of sounding the gong: “The success of the first four responsible index equity funds (€ 1.3 billion inflow since launch in August 2015) made our decision to complete our current product offering with an emerging markets fund an easy one. We noticed a substantial demand in the market for investment products with a low expense ratio and a responsible investment policies, but the offers are limited..”

ACTIAM’s responsible index equity funds are a welcome addition to the Dutch retail fund market: we combine a responsible investment policy with transparency and cost efficiency. The funds are available via Euronext Amsterdam or via the funds’ register.

ACTIAM is the leading responsible fund and asset manager, with € 54.6 billion in assets under management (December 31st 2016). They offer a comprehensive range of investment funds and investment solutions that extends from index investing all the way to impact investing.

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29/05/2017 Philips Lighting Amsterdam expand

Philips Lighting celebrates first anniversary as standalone company

Philips Lighting (ticker symbol: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, is marking the one-year anniversary of its successful listing at Euronext Amsterdam in 2016. In the course of the past year, the company has celebrated a number of milestones, including the introduction of the Dubai Lamp, the world's most energy efficient LED bulb commercially available, the installation of one of the world's largest connected street lighting systems in Jakarta, and a commitment to ambitious sustainability targets as part of its Brighter Lives, Better World program.

The company - the industry leader in conventional, LED, and connected lighting - opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange with a group of employees who joined the company over the past year. They are a few of the new faces at the 126 year old company, who are working together to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for Brighter Lives and a Better World.

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26/05/2017 Award winning KLM Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for award winning KLM

KLM (ticker symbol: AF) sounds the gong after they have won several Awards again recently. They received no less than six Webby Awards with its anniversary edition of the digital KLM magazine, iFly KLM 50. The 21st Annual Webby Awards, also known as the Oscars of the Internet, were awarded in New York recently.

Not only did iFly KLM 50 come in at the top of the Tourism & Leisure category within the Advertising Media & PR category, but the Best User Experience Webby was also secured within this category. What’s more, an award was also secured within the Best Visual Design (Aesthetic) category within the Websites category. KLM succeeded in winning both the public prize and the jury prize within these subcategories. 

Earlier this month, KLM also won five SpinAwards including the Grand SpinAward for 2017, two bronze Lamps at the 50th edition of the ADCN Awards, and a Customer Centric DNA Award. 

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25/05/2017 Roparun Foundation Amsterdam expand

Roparun Foundation visits Beursplein 5

Roparun will start Saturday 3 June 2017 in Hamburg and Paris and finishes Whit Monday in Rotterdam. Director of Roparun Foundation, Theo Quaijtaal sounds the gong accompanied by participants of team Unilever.

The Roparun is a relay race of more than 500 kilometers from Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam, in which people work as a team to give a combined sports performance in order to raise money for people who suffer from cancer. This year’s 26th edition has 322 teams participating in this challenge.

Besides the physical challenge, the team must also make an effort to raise money for the cause. Teams do this by organizing various activities. The three teams who raise the most money and the six teams who win for their running speed are honored during the final celebration of the Roparun, which takes place a few weeks after the finish. Over the past twenty-five editions of the Roparun, more than seventy-two million Euro has been raised.

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24/05/2017 ENGIE teams up with EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam expand

ENGIE teams up with EYE Filmmuseum to sound the gong for sustainable collaboration

ENGIE Nederland (ticker symbol: ENGI), energy supplier and market leader in the provision of technical services, is the main sponsor of EYE Filmmuseum. Both organizations distinguish themselves through innovation, creativity and social commitment. ENGIE and EYE visit the Amsterdam exchange to sound the gong for Martin Scorsese - The Exhibition, and EYE is able to present this major exhibition thanks to the support of ENGIE.

In the coming period, ENGIE and EYE Filmmuseum will work together on the sustainable development of the Overhoeks area and environs. In addition, ENGIE wants to help make the EYE museum building on IJpromenade in Overhoeks even more sustainable.

EYE has consciously chosen for sustainability, and that dovetails perfectly with the vision of ENGIE. That’s because ENGIE delivers smart technical energy solutions that make use of visible and invisible sources of energy to create neighborhoods where almost all energy is generated sustainably. ENGIE values the innovative efforts of EYE in managing, preserving and digitizing film history, and supports the museum’s efforts in the field of sustainable cultural preservation. ENGIE can work with EYE in a new way: that’s their key to success in sustainable development, and they’re glad to sound the gong for this new venture.

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23/05/2017 ForFarmers Agroscoopbokaal Amsterdam expand

Winners ForFarmers Agroscoopbokaal visit Beursplein 5

Arjan Schrijver, dairy farmer and customer of ForFarmers (ticker symbol: FFARM), sounds the gong. The occasion is this year’s edition of the annual Agroscoopbokalen (Agroscoop goblets). ForFarmers awards these goblets to farmers who have performed exceptionally in their industry within their operations.

Agroscoop is a digital monitoring program that effectively guides ForFarmers’ farmers organizations. By working intensively with customer, ForFarmers offers them concrete results: better returns, healthier livestock, and higher efficiency. In this manner, ForFarmers contributes to economically viable and sustainable food production.

ForFarmers is an internationally operating company active in the area of conventional and organic feed solutions for livestock. With sales of approximately 9.1 million tons of feed annually, ForFarmers is a market leader in Europe. With its products, ForFarmers offers customers additional knowledge and advice in the areas of feed, animal keeping and business development. ForFarmers has been listed to the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext since May 2016.

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22/05/2017 Investment competition Amsterdam expand

Winners Scholenstrijd competition sound gong

Students from the Atheneum 3-class of Community school Were di from Valkenswaard sound the gong of the Amsterdam exchange as winners of investment competition Scholenstrijd. Were di won the prize for the best return at the end of 2016.

Scholenstrijd is an online investment competition for HAVO and VWO high school students and teachers of economics. Scholenstrijd is a serious game and aims to increase the financial and economic knowledge of students. Students and teachers can use the competition for free throughout the year. Twice a year a prize game is organized - the best class based on return and the best class based on risk return receives a prize.

The competition has been supported by Stichting Capital Amsterdam since the beginning. In addition, Kempen & Co, Van Lanschot, BinckBank, STOER, Stichting Goede Doelen NH 1816 and De Nederlandsche Bank are sponsors of Scholenstrijd.

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19/05/2017 Norh-Holland SME-awards Amsterdam expand

MKB North-Holland opens trading with winners OVNH

The winners of the 11th Norh-Holland SME-awards (Ondernemingsverkiezing Noord-Holland/ OVNH) open trading at Beursplein 5. The winners in the categories of Large SMEs, Medium SMEs, Small SMEs, and Public Choice award visit the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext and are accompanied by MKB-Amsterdam director, Fabian Nagtzaam.

"The event is very important for small and medium-sized businesses, but also the large-scale companies in North Holland's business are very active within the OVNH," said Nagtzaam. "The pearls from North-Holland’s economy can shine during our election, and they all show the North-Holland entrepreneurial mentality; businesslike, hardworking for the environment and their employees.’’

All OVNH partners participate in the prize package, which will be awarded to the winners next to the media attention and the title. Partners and sponsors are: Randstad and Province of North-Holland, ABN AMRO, Delta Lloyd, MKB Noord-Holland, Holland Media Combinatie, RSM, NH, Starletti and Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg.

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18/05/2017 5th listing anniversary Core Laboratories Amsterdam expand

Core Laboratories celebrates five-year listing anniversary by sounding gong

In celebration of its five–year listing anniversary on the Amsterdam exchange, Core Laboraties (ticker symbol: CLB) sounds the gong, at the opening gong ceremony signaling the start of the trading day. This ceremony will coincide with Core Lab’s 2017 annual shareholder meeting to be held in Amsterdam later in the day. David Demshur, CEO Core Lab, sounds the gong.

When Core Laboratories (Core Lab) announced its intentions on 18 April 2012 that it planned to dual list its shares on Euronext Amsterdam, the company’s European institutional investor share ownership was just 5%; today the European ownership of Core Lab has increased to almost 14%. The company attributes this dramatic increase to shareholder focus on companies that generate high levels of Return on Invested Capital and free cash flow. The dual listing on Euronext Amsterdam has made this very successful outcome possible.

Core Lab is proud to have its dual listing on Euronext Amsterdam, especially given its historical ties to the Netherlands, its large operational footprint in the Netherlands with employees and laboratories in Rotterdam, Vlaardingen and Amsterdam, and its client base throughout Europe.

Core Lab is a leading provider of proprietary and patented reservoir description and production enhancement services used to optimize petroleum reservoir performance. The company has over 70 offices in more than 50 countries and is located in every major oil-producing region in the world.

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18/05/2017 Knowledge For Growth Brussels expand

Knowledge For Growth Conference 2017

Euronext opened the 13th edition of the Knowledge for Growth Conference in Ghent with a bell ceremony in presence of Maggie De Block, Minister of Social Affairs and Health.

Knowledge for Growth is a European life sciences conference organized by Participants include decision makers from biotech, pharma and medtech as well as investors, universities, leading research institutes, policymakers and competence providers. In 2016, a record number of 1.250 attendees from 16 countries attended. 

This year, the conference's programme featured a focus on the global life sciences’ landscape, B2B Partnering powered by EBD Group’s partneringLITE, a trade fair with 100 exhibitors and a scientific poster area.

17/05/2017 Philips Innovation Award 2017 Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for Philips Innovation Award 2017

The Phillips Innovation award is the largest student-entrepreneur award in The Netherlands. It was first organized 12 years ago and is organized for students, by students. The Philips Innovation Award has become a platform where each participant can profit from. Participants receive personal feedback, practice important skills, receive coaching and build a network. 

The 30 best participants showed their start-up to investors and entrepreneurs, while receiving feedback on their pitch by a professional jury during the semi-finals. The best 8 start-ups made it to the final, where over 800 visitors experienced an inspiring evening with interesting guest speakers and - of course - high quality innovations. GBM Works won the Innovator League and was rewarded with a price worth €50.000. Levels Diagnostics won the Rough Diamond League and was rewarded with a price worth €10.000.

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17/05/2017 15th listing anniversary Melexis Brussels expand

To celebrate the 15th listing anniversary of Melexis and the company’s spectacular growth on Euronext Brussels, Karen Van Griensven, CFO of Melexis, rang the Euronext bell to open the markets. Melexis is one of the five world leaders in automotive semiconductor sensors and a leading player in integrated circuits for motor driving, car networking and wireless communication.

16/05/2017 Nyenrode Private Investor Program Amsterdam expand

Nyenrode sounds the gong for the Private Investor Program

Frits Oppel, graduate of the Nyenrode Private Investor Program, opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange. Participants in the Private Investor Program actively learn to analyze and manage their own investment portfolios according to the latest insights in the field of investing. They will be assisted by top experts in every step of the way, ensuring that they make the right investment decisions. After successful completion of this program, the participants are able to independently take control of their own portfolio and are, at least, at the same level as a professional investor with several years of experience.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit’s mission is: ‘Serving society by shaping responsible leaders’. Nyenrode is a small-scale private university, founded in 1946 for and by business, with an international orientation. Nyenrode offers students and participants a combination of sound theoretical framework, practical relevance and personal development. Thanks to this combination, they develop sustainable added value for themselves, for their company and for society.

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15/05/2017 65th listing anniversary RELX Amsterdam expand

RELX celebrates 65 years of listing by sounding gong

The first share for N.V. Uitgeversmaatschappij Elsevier, the predecessor for RELX N.V. (ticker symbol: REN), was traded at Euronext Amsterdam 65 years ago. Over the years the company has transformed to become a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries, enabling customers to make better decisions, to get better results and to be more productive.

Alexander van Boetzelaer has the pleasure of opening trading in his capacity as Head of House of RELX Nederland and EVP Strategy Elsevier B.V.

RELX Group serves customers in more than 180 countries and has offices in about 40 countries. It employs approximately 30,000 people of whom almost half are in North America. RELX N.V. is an Amsterdam listed holding company which owns 47.1% of RELX Group. RELX PLC is a London listed holding company and owns 52.9% of RELX Group. Total market cap is approximately €37 billion.

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15/05/2017 Euronext Fund Service Paris Paris expand

Euronext to launch new fund service in Paris

Euronext launches Euronext  Fund Service Paris, an innovative model to facilitate investment in funds across the globe.

Euronext Fund Service Paris is an innovative and complementary solution for investing in open-end funds (UCITS1 and AIF2) registered or passported in France. It offers institutional and retail investors a simplified, automated cost-efficient subscription/redemption service to invest in funds through their brokers. Euronext Fund Service has been launched on 15 May 2017, starting with AXA IM, Ecofi Investissements, La Française Investment Solutions, Longchamp Asset Management, Natixis AM and OFI AM funds.

12/05/2017 IPO VolkerWessels Amsterdam expand

VolkerWessels is a leading integrated and diversified construction group with a “think global, act local” mind-set. They operate primarily in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, North America and Germany and has leading positions in the markets it operates in. In the Netherlands, VolkerWessels is the market leader by revenue in construction & real estate development, infrastructure and energy & telecom infrastructure. VolkerWessels has an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and more than 120 local operating companies, with approximately 16,000 skilled employees. Their operating model combines a local sales and client focus with a centralised control and support structure at divisional level that optimises scale and expertise across its operating companies.

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12/05/2017 IPO Prodways Paris expand

Listing of Prodways on Euronext

Raphaël Gorgé, CEO & Chairman of Prodways, opens the trading day in Paris.

Prodways Group is one of the leading European companies specializing in 3D printing for aeronautics, space, medical, dental, automotive and other industries. It is about an additive manufacturing process of creating physical objects by superimposing different layers of materials. Net sales (before intra-group eliminations) break down by activity as follows:

  • design, assembly and sales of machines and associated equipment (50.6%): 3D printers, cleaning stations, UV ovens, liquid resins, polymer powders, etc.;
  • design and manufacturing of 3D plastic and metal printed parts (46.9%);
  • other (2.5%).

Net sales are distributed geographically as follows: France (42.1%), Europe (32.8%), North America (18.9%) and other (6.2%).

11/05/2017 NBWM Amsterdam expand

NBWM opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange

The Dutch Payment & Exchange Company (NBWM) sounds the gong for international expansion. They do this accompanied by Farosol and Dutch Credit Brokers.

Farosol and Dutch Credit Brokers have been partners of NBWM for a long time, they offer a broad range of services within Credit Management, focused on Credit Insurance. Farosol and Dutch Credit Brokers help NBWM grow internationally by providing a vast network.

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10/05/2017 Global Sector SPDR ETFs Amsterdam expand

SPDR ETFs celebrates one year anniversary of its Global Sector ETFs

State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) opens the trading day to celebrate the successful listing of 10 Global Sector SPDR ETFs on Euronext Amsterdam one year on.

SPDR ETFs has an extensive track record in this area and offers the broadest suite of Sector ETFs in the market, covering Europe, US and Global sectors.

Philippe Roset, head of SPDR ETFs Netherlands, comments: “Sector ETFs have seen a marked increase in popularity amongst investors, with Technology and Energy seeing the greatest level of investor interest over the last 12 months.

In contrast to individual stock selection or a limited number of style characteristics, sector investing can offer lower correlations between the constituents of the strategy, higher return dispersion, and discrete exposures — all of which gives investors a high degree of flexibility, a crucial element in the current uncertain environment. Given these changes to the market are systematic, we expect the popularity of Sector investing, which complements this investment environment, to continue on its current trajectory for the foreseeable future.”

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09/05/2017 Inspiring Fifty Amsterdam expand

Opening of trading by Inspiring Fifty

Inspiring Fifty recently revealed the names of fifty women who were nominated by a group of high profile judges as the most inspiring women in Dutch technology. The judges have recognized the exceptional achievements and the great contributions of these women but more importantly; they are considered role models that can inspire the next generation of women and girls in technology. Jalila Essaidi, Director Inspidere, sounds the gong together with Neelie Kroes, Member of the Board at Uber.

Inspiring Fifty is a not-for-profit organization established in 2013 by the two successful Dutch entrepreneurs Janneke Niessen and Joelle Frijters, co-founders at Improve Digital. They aim to improve the gender balance in the tech sector.

The launch of Inspiring Fifty Netherlands follows the European list, that was released in March. Later this year Inspiring Fifty will also announce the Nordics, UK, DACH and France top 50 women in technology. Moreover, the not-for profit organization will continue to inspire in other countries, for the first time now also outside Europe. In cooperation with the Dutch Embassy Inspiring Fifty South Africa will be launched.  

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08/05/2017 Week of the Entrepreneur Amsterdam expand

Opening of trading for Week of the Entrepreneur

Trading is opened on the occasion of Week of the Entrepreneur (Week van de Ondernemer). The event takes place for the 20th time in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Yet again around 5,000 entrepreneurs are expected to attend this year. The gong is sounded by Gerard van den Broek, Director of De Ondernemer.

This year's edition of the Week of the Entrepreneur, the oldest and largest live entrepreneurial event in the Netherland, is fully focused on growth. Many successful entrepreneurs and top speakers are present to share their knowledge and experience with the attending entrepreneurs.

The Week of the Entrepreneur is part of the 'Wereld van de Ondernemer' (World of the Entrepreneur,) a cross-media platform that consists of a quarterly magazine, a weekly newspaper page, a weekly newsletter, a website and events, and aims to stimulate entrepreneurship by inspiring and informing entrepreneurs. This platform is part of De Persgroep.

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05/05/2017 Liberation Day Amsterdam expand

Amsterdam Committee 4 and 5 May sounds gong

The Amsterdam Committee 4 and 5 May visits the Amsterdam exchange and opens trading by sounding the gong.

The National Committee takes care of organising the national activities on 4 and 5 May, including the coordination of the Liberation Festivals, and it runs educational projects, develops mass media campaigns and gathers knowledge and makes it available to others, for example about war monuments and commemorations throughout the country. In this connection, the National Committee works together with numerous other parties on the local, provincial and national levels.

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04/05/2017 2017 Dutch Family Businesses Award Amsterdam expand

Terberg Group sounds gong after winning 2017 Dutch Family Businesses Award

Terberg Group B.V.  was recently announced winner of the 2017 Dutch Family Businesses Award during a ceremony in the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague, the Netherlands. This prestigious award was presented by Her Royal Highness Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands. George Terberg, Chairman of the board, sounds the gong to celebrate the company’s prize.

From the initial 500 family businesses, 10 were nominated, and then 4 finalists were selected: Brabantia, Koninklijke A-Ware Food Group, Koninklijke Zeelandia, and Terberg Group.

George Terberg, Chairman of the Board: "Who would have thought that our village forge, set up in 1869, would develop into the Dutch Family Business of the Year. We are incredibly proud of this and consider it the icing on the cake that underlines the hard work undertaken by our family and employees every day to operate successfully throughout the world".

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03/05/2017 Giving Back Foundation Amsterdam expand

Better Options and Giving Back Foundation open trading

Better Options LLP, trading company based in the Amsterdam exchange building, opens trading in the company of Giving Back Foundation. Better Options invited the Amsterdam pupils and mentors of Giving Back Foundation for a day at the exchange.

Giving Back Foundation is committed to a diverse society in which everyone has an equal chance to develop his or her talent. Giving Back focuses on a broad group of talented pupils and students who have the potential to play a successful role in society. Giving Back offers these youngsters a challenging program aimed at both personal and professional development. The program consists of workshops and events, plus a mentoring program. Giving Back offers programs for pupils, students and young professionals.

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02/05/2017 World’s Best Designed Newspaper Amsterdam expand

Het Parool sounds gong as World’s Best Designed Newspaper

Newspaper Het Parool has recently been voted World’s Best Designed Newspaper. Ronald Ockhuysen, editor-in-chief of the newspaper, sounds the gong and opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange together with his colleagues.

The prize was awarded at the annual meeting of the Society for News Design, an international umbrella organization of designers and journalists. The jury praises Het Parool for ‘an enchanting design that makes news stories tempting to read’. The ‘clear signature’ and ‘striking mix of solid news and elegant white space’ was called ‘innovative’.

Het Parool also received two ‘awards of excellence’ for the PS section. These pages – the second half of the newspaper on working days– were called ‘hopeful’ for ‘a vital future of paper newspapers’ by the jury.

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28/04/2017 ABN AMRO and EIB Amsterdam expand

ABN AMRO and EIB sound the gong for financing green shipping

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and ABN AMRO (ticker symbol: ABN) have signed an agreement to support investment in green European shipping. It is the first agreement on investment in green shipping with a financial institution in the Netherlands. On this occasion they visit the Amsterdam exchange and open trading by sounding the gong.

The agreement ensures that promoters of green projects, in the maritime transport sector, can benefit from favorable financial conditions through the EIB's AAA-rating. These conditions apply to both retrofitting of existing shipping and the construction of new vessels with a green innovation aspect, and for both inland waterways and sea shipping.

The EIB Facility is an additional incentive for ABN AMRO to encourage shipping customers to seek sustainable solutions and fits perfectly with the bank's other efforts to promote sustainable solutions in this important sector.

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27/04/2017 King’s Day Amsterdam expand

Koninklijke Bond van Oranjeverenigingen sounds gong on King’s Day

On King’s Day many ‘Oranjeverenigingen’ are busy organizing a village or town festival. The KBOV is the national representative of all ‘Oranjeverenigingen’. They visit Beursplein 5 and sound the gong.

The KBOV helps ‘Oranjeverenigingen’ with advice and information and organizes meeting points for exchange of experiences and ideas. In addition, the KBOV want to make clear that this kingdom, which is not bound by party or group, represents the plural society for every Dutch citizen, regardless of origin, race or religion.

The KBOV stresses the importance of promoting and strengthening the bond between the Dutch population and the House of Orange. It seeks to achieve this by initiating and stimulating celebrations and other commemorations to mark heyday in the House of Orange. By now, more than 320 local ‘Oranjeverenigingen’  are a member of the KBOV.

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26/04/2017 DSI Screening sounds gong for 10-year anniversary Amsterdam expand

DSI Foundation, the self-regulation institute for the financial sector, celebrates 10 years of DSI Screening by sounding the gong. DSI organizes certification, screening and discipline in the financial sector, and provides a public register in which consumers and businesses can check which financial professionals are DSI certified and thus meet high quality standards in terms of integrity, knowledge and professional competence.

Since 2007, DSI is the court supplier of personnel screening for the financial sector. In cooperation with the financial sector, DSI developed the standard for staff screening. The method on which DSI performs the screening is supported by the AFM. Since 2007, non-profit DSI has performed over 40,000 professional screenings at cost price, for both professionals who applied for a job in the financial sector and for various service providers to the sector, such as accountants. The purpose of DSI is to strengthen trust in the financial sector by providing transparency, high-quality permanent education and professional screening that cares for individuals and companies from A to Z.

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25/04/2017 Inside ETFs Amsterdam Amsterdam expand

Sounding of the gong for Inside ETFs Amsterdam

Sponsors of the Inside ETFs Amsterdam event, Dimensional and Think ETF’s, visit the Amsterdam exchange to open trading by sounding the gong.

The Inside ETFs Amsterdam event takes place at the EYE Filmmuseum, 25 April. The program of Inside ETFs Amsterdam is changing the way the Dutch manage assets by providing bright ideas, cutting-edge research and new solutions for today’s evolving markets. Designed for fund selectors, financial advisers, family offices and other investors, the program will leave attendees with actionable ideas and insights they can put to work immediately in any portfolio.

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24/04/2017 7th anniversary Mutual Fund Amsterdam expand

Mutual Fund and Mint Tower Capital Management sound the gong

Mint Tower Capital Management opens trading together with Mutual Fund on the Amsterdam exchange to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Mutual Fund.

Mutual Fund strives to be a linking pin between highly motivated university students and the Financial Markets. By contacting organizations in the financial world, Mutual Fund strives to build durable relations with firms like Mint Capital Management, located on Beursplein 5, Amsterdam. 

Mutual Fund is a student organization for highly motivated students with interest in Financial Markets. The main goal of Mutual Fund is to facilitate an educational platform for students with interests in buying and selling financial instruments. The common focus of the students contributes to a highly motivational environment where knowledge and new insights are developed.

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21/04/2017 NN Investment Partners expand

Multi-Asset funds NN Investment Partners awarded again

NN IP visits the Amsterdam exchange after being awarded by research entity Lipper for two defensive Multi-Asset funds from NN IP’s fund offering. Ewout van Schaick, Head of Multi-Asset Portfolio’s at NN IP, sounds the gong and opens trading.

In the category ‘best defensive Multi-Asset fund’, Lipper granted, for the fourth year in a row, the NN Dynamic Mix Fund II an award. Moreover, the portfolio management team and the investment process itself were granted the award for “Mixed assets large company” (just as in 2015 and 2016). Furthermore, NN IP got to take home the price for best overall large company 2017. This year ,Lipper chose a defensive Multi-Asset funds as a winner and awarded the NN Dynamic Mix I fund.

Ewout van Schaick, Head of Multi-Asset Portfolios at NN IP:  “In addition to an extensive and highly experienced investment team, the success of the mix funds is explained by combining thorough macroeconomic analysis, valuations and other fundamental factors with the study of investor behavior. We think that factors such as momentum, investment flows and investor sentiment play an increasingly important role in explaining markets. This approach worked well last year. We saw that economic data improved slowly during the year while rising political uncertainty led to the fact that many investors remained very carefully positioned. We kept our preference in our mix funds for riskier investments while, in part, we hedged ourselves against the unexpected results of the Brexit referendum and the US election with specific positions in, for example, currencies like the British Pound or Mexican Peso. We consider winning these awards as a confirmation for consistent team performance."

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