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CAC 40 Index Daily Options


Daily Options on the CAC 40® Index for short-term trading strategies and exposure to the main index of Euronext Paris

Euronext launches Daily Options on the CAC 40 Index. The Daily Options on the CAC 40 Index are complimentary to the weekly and regular monthly options already traded. Euronext already offered Daily Options on the AEX Index. The new Daily Options provide traders with unparalleled opportunities to capitalise on short-term market movements.

CAC 40 Index Daily Options in short

Daily expiring options are options expiring each day of the week. Already available since 2008 on the AEX Index, Euronext is now additionally providing daily option expiries on the CAC 40 Index.

Daily Options suit the trading strategies of both professional and retail investors looking to gain short-term exposure in one of the world’s most popular country indices.

Daily Options trading facilitates short-term trading strategies, providing greater flexibility to trade and hedge short-term market fluctuations. 

Key benefits 

  • High strategy agility
    Daily expiries with a wide range of strikes available gives investors a high degree of autonomy and flexibility for investments  
  • React quickly to market movements
    Investors are able to gain more targeted exposure, positioning around key events such as elections and economic figures
  • Benefit from high Theta and Gamma
    Market participants can utilise Theta time decay and high Gamma from short-dated options to generate further benefits from small price movements
  • Lower time value
    Making Daily Options more affordable than longer-dated alternatives

Trading information

Quote Vendor Codes

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Contract Code











CACEOD[1-31] Example of an option ticker: CACEOD31 6 C3000 Index

Each daily option has the corresponding number of the day inserted in the chain logic. Listed and traded dailies correspond with Euronext trading days whereby options are made available on the trading day before expiration. We do not issue daily options for the expiry dates of weekly and monthly options. The March 28th contract will revert to P28 with the same code as before that was used for Feb 28th.

Contract specifications

CAC 40 Daily Index Options contract specification on

Market makers

Liquidity guaranteed by leading market makers, including:

Susquehanna - CAC 40 Index Daily Options - Euronext


More about the CAC 40 Index 

What is an option and how does options trading work?

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