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Top Shareholder Changes

Track changes in ownership on every Norwegian securities – updated daily

Top Shareholder Changes provides you with a daily overview of top 50 investor changes in Norwegian securities – regardless of regulatory disclosure requirements.

Investor register is updated daily giving the market available information regardless of whether the change is mandatory or not. This provides an unique insight into the change in the ownership structure of companies that have not previously been available to the market, thus strengthening the purpose of public investor registers.

Market Oslo Stock Exchange Oslo Stock Exchange Oslo Stock Exchange | Euronext Expand | Euronext Growth | N-OTC
What Changes in top 15 shareholders Changes in top 30 shareholders Changes in top 50 shareholders
Frequency Montly delayed Weekly delayed Daily
History No history Six months Two years
Distribution No distribution Distribution through own channels Free distribution

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Christian A. Viken - Euronext Securities

Christian A. Viken

EVP, Customer Experience and Analytics