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The national ESG blue-chip index dedicated to the Norwegian market.

The new ESG index reference in Norway

The OBX® ESG Index was created for the Norwegian market to serve as the new national ESG reference and is the first ESG-related index within the OBX family.

The OBX ESG Index is designed to identify the 40 companies in Norway which demonstrate good management of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk.

A methodology with globally recognised standards

The index methodology includes exclusions filters with regards to the United Nations Global Compact principles (UNGC), determined by Sustainalytics.

The index methodology also includes exclusions filters based on involvement related to Tobacco, Thermal Coal, Oil Sands, Shale Energy, Arctic Oil & Gas, Small Arms and controversial Weapons.

OBX ESG building blocks

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The OBX® ESG offers opportunities for the creation of a large range of investment vehicles such as ETFs, funds and structured products.

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OBX ESG ESG Report   |   OBX ESG Press Release


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The OBX® ESG index is a key component in a broader suite of flagship ESG indices across the Euronext geographies.

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