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Inverko sounds gong for circular economy


By sounding the gong the CEO of recycling specialist Inverko (ticker symbol: INVER), Henk Alssema, marks the start of the cooperation with Friesian waste- and collection company Omrin and its umbrella company Midwaste.

With the same vision on waste the chain partners found each other on their way to a circular economy. Inverko, Omrin and Midwaste consider waste as raw material. The collaboration consists of developing sustainable projects where domestic plastic waste is processed into raw material. From this raw material products are created that can be delivered to municipalities and consumers. This life cycle cooperation not only delivers a saving of raw materials and a reduction in waste, but also products that are still valuable at the end of their service life. That means in addition to ecological economical capital appreciation.

“Closing the loops” is a sustainable project in which Inverko and Omrin with their project partners Philips, Lankhorst, Cumapol and Stenden University join forces. By sharing knowledge and technologies, collector, recyclers and producers are able to reprocess more waste streams to raw material into new products. This project is supported by the Province of Friesland and the packaging industry.

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