Euronext Cash Real-Time Data

Euronext Cash Real-Time Data

Euronext Cash Real-Time Data provides real-time full market-by-order depth, best limit quotes, and trades for all securities traded on the regulated markets platform for Euronext Cash markets; Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon. The Euronext Cash Real-Time Data includes the following security types: Equities, ETF/ETP, Bonds, Warrants and Certificates.

Euronext Cash Real-Time Data is provided via four services:

Level 2:

The Euronext Cash Level 2 product provides real time tick by tick level 2 (full market depth) data for Euronext Cash Markets. The Euronext Cash Level 2 product also includes the Euronext Cash Level 1 data.

Level 1:

The Euronext Cash Level 1 product provides real time tick by tick level 1 (best bid/offer) data for the Euronext Cash Markets.

Last Price:

Euronext Cash Last Price includes last traded prices together with additional value added information such as opening, high, low and closing prices for every security (Euronext Equities and Warrants) traded on the Euronext Cash markets.

Off Exchange:

The European Equity Off Exchange Trade Reports product provides information about off-exchange trades in a broad range of listed European Equities and ETFs. It contains trade reports submitted by investment firms to Euronext via the Trade Publication Service.


Real time market data for Euronext is distributed via low latency direct feeds (XDP) and through authorised data vendors. XDP feeds are available over the Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure® (SFTI®) network. 


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