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Euronext Data

Dublin Bond & Fund Feed

Information on bonds and funds listed on the Euronext Dublin market.

Euronext Web Services

Web Services

A simple and cost effective way to receive real-time, delayed and historical market data via a web API.

Quant Research

Quantitative Research

Identify trends, gain valuable insights and learn more about trading mechanisms with data products, research papers and online educational materials designed for investors and market participants across the globe.

Market data

Run your business in a transparent environment and make trading decisions with confidence using Euronext market data. Includes index data, pre-trade data and post-trade data.

Historical data

Back-test trading strategies, develop risk & execution models, perform post-trade analysis, and conduct academic research. We offer historical data on all instruments traded on Euronext markets.

Reference data

Detailed information on corporate actions and dividends. Comprehensive information is also available for product attributes on securities and derivatives listed/traded on Euronext markets.

End of Day Index Data

Complete suite of index data products that provide current and historical detailed index composition and weights, index values, divisors and market capitalisation for Euronext indices. 

Full Order Book

Euronext presents the latest Full Order Book Products to support you in your trading decisions and back-test strategies for algo generation.

Euronext Behavioural Data

For more information, contact Lei Wang at  


Euronext Behavioural Data
Index data graph

Index data

Complete market data for over 300 real time Indices compiled by Euronext. Includes the key national indices for the Euronext markets, namely the AEX® , Bel 20® , CAC 40® and PSI 20®.

Data Shop

Select, pay and download individual market notices using our Data shop.

Euronext - Data

Further information

Oslo Børs and Euronext Dublin News Feed

Oslo Børs News Feed distributes news messages from listed companies at Oslo Børs and Euronext Dublin markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Consolidated Tape: Friend or Foe?

Our new policy paper exploring the pros and cons of the different options for the implementation of a consolidated tape on European market

Dublin Announcement Service

Secure, online process for the filing and publishing of market announcements on our Dublin markets.

Live Markets

Visit our Live Markets website for an overview, product specifications and quotes of all listed and traded products.


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