Our IT infrastructure includes all hosting, network services and connectivity.

Proximity Hosting Services

X2M builds bespoke IT Infrastructure solutions which access the financial markets. It enables the trading servers for Proprietary, Algorithmic and Automated Traders to be hosted in close proximity to the execution engines of an exchange or liquidity pool. This allows for optimal low latency and maximum trading efficiency.

X2M provides access to all Market Data and Trading Feeds. We can procure, install and support all aspects of the IT infrastructure; racks, power, connectivity, firewalls, switches and other network equipment up to and including the operating system on the hardware.

X2M consultants work with client to analyze each component of the infrastructure, each stage of the trading path can be measured allowing us to make suggestions for an optimized solution for the Operating system, Computer Hardware, LAN and WAN links to the exchange or liquidity pool. The speed of the data into the hardware can also be measured as well as how long it takes orders to reach the exchange. The latency across the infrastructure can be measured down to the microsecond or even nanosecond when specified and the data volume in parallel. From this granular data X2M can analyze and re-architect the network for optimal latency. These components are then monitored to ensure the best overall execution performance on an ongoing basis.

X2M - Data centre

Data Centre Infrastructure Services

X2M provides all a financial institution needs to support its trading software, our IT infrastructure includes all hosting, network services and connectivity.

X2M can get clients to market faster using existing spare capacity in our data centers. X2M can then monitor the performance going forward and alert clients to opportunities to improve latency and enhance performance.

Support Services are available 24/7/365 or H24 for: remote hands and eyes maintenance, system and latency measurement and monitoring, system administration, database administration, data backup and security monitoring.

X2M provides customers with services through a growing number of data centers; currently Milan, Frankfurt and London.

Broker Services

X2M provides the IT Infrastructure for broker solutions.

The X2M team work closely with clients to deliver operational efficiency, increased transparency, and reduced costs and risk for all market participants.

X2M manages the interface to FIX and other trading communications protocols to ensure the smooth flow of trading data between broker-dealers and their institutional clients, in-house and third party systems.

A broker can focus on the build and optimization of its core trading software, secure in the knowledge that the surrounding IT infrastructure is monitored and supported with the help of X2M services. These are used to fine tune the environment and enhance the overall customer experience.



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