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Euronext provides APA and ARM services to MiFID Investment Firms who require efficient compliance, at low cost from a trusted provider.
We offer flexible connectivity to a Multi-asset service package: Euronext’s APA & ARM allows you to meet both MiFID II requirements via a single interface.

Trade Publication Service

Euronext’s Trade Publication Service has the status of Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) under MiFID II.
The service is available for firms and Systematic Internalisers (SI) who are required to make their OTC trades public to the market. 
All trades are published on the Euronext market data infrastructure with deferred publication possible on participant request.  

Transaction Reporting Service

Euronext’s Transaction Reporting Service has the status of Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) under MiFID II.
The service allows transaction details to be reported effectively and efficiently to the relevant authorities.
Euronext ARM connects to all major European regulators, including but not limited to AMF, AFM, FCA, FSMA, CMVM, Consob. 

What exactly does APA & ARM offer ?

Euronext's Trade Publication and Transaction Reporting Services provides you:

  • Multi-asset service, covering all reportable products;
  • Post-trade publication for trades  executed OTC and by Systematic Internalisers;
  • Pre-trade transparency for Systematic Internalisers’ quotes;
  • Transaction reporting to EU Regulators;
  • Industry standard for publication and the ESMA predefined ISO 2000022 standard for reporting to regulators;
  • A secure, reliable user friendly interface open to Euronext’s members and non-members;
  • Intuitive analytics and Data Management for handling verification and validation.


How do the Transaction Reporting and Trade Publication Services work?





Log onto the graphical user interface (GUI) and enter direct or upload a CSV file


Integrate the REST API into your own system, or a via vendor

APA trades  & quotes are published according to MiFID II requirements, either as close to instantaneous as possible, or via deferred publication, in standard FIX MMT format.

ARM transactions reports are sent to the relevant regulatory authority in the appropriate format and timeframe.

What is the cost?

The service has a fixed monthly cost, with a separate ‘lite’ service available to firms who expect to make 250 or less reports per year.


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