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Euronext celebrates strategic relationship with Qatar Stock Exchange

Euronext celebrates strategic relationship with QSE

The Qatar Stock Exchange has operated a customized version of the Universal Trading Platform since 5 September 2010. Technology is a critical factor in Qatar’s journey towards recognition as a world-class financial centre and this is one of the reasons that they use the same industry-leading technology as Euronext.

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If your market is outgrowing its current platform we can provide a customised solution to meet your specific business needs. The accumulated expertise of our analysts and engineers means that even the most complex, low latency market can now operate reliably in any trading conditions.

If you are launching a new market, we offer configurable solutions that eliminate the need for development. Minimising your costs and delivery time, this is the most cost-effective way to acquire your own world-class platform. Whether you want a single asset class or a broad range of cash and derivatives instruments, launch your market on a platform that shows traders you are serious about reliability and market quality.

If your business idea really can’t wait, our hosted market service can get you to go-live faster than ever before. Built and operated in our own datacentres, hosting gives you the confidence of exchange-grade infrastructure without capital investment. Configure your service portfolio to include only the services you need - from simple technical hosting to complete market management with participant on-boarding, operations and surveillance – all delivered by the experienced staff that run Euronext’s own regulated markets.

and always.. Trusted
We run our own markets on the same platforms we offer you: the Euronext Universal Trading Platform (UTP) and the Exchange Data Publisher (XDP). So whether you are an established global exchange, a growing market or a new start-up, we can provide a high performance platform that your trader and regulators will trust. 

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Universal Trading Platform
Euronext UTP is designed for complex markets that need low latency. No other platform has the same range of market models, algorithms and market enhancing functions. Available with a full range of surround applications and interfaces to industry-standard surveillance and post-trade platforms, Euronext UTP can power the world’s most demanding markets.  Universal Trading Platform

Exchange Data Publisher

Exchange Data Publisher
Market data is the fuel that drives markets and yet, all too often, exchanges hand this valuable resource to vendors and intermediaries. Take control of your market data with the Exchange Data Publisher. Reconnect with your data subscribers and offer specialist feeds and value-added packages. Provide high-value historical data and algorithm back testing services, most importantly, ensure your traders have the data they need to trade your markets with confidence.  Exchange Data Publisher



“Hong Kong Exchange relies on the XDP solution to distribute market data in Hong Kong and mainland China.”  Press Release


“Euronext’s UTP powers the markets of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Qatar Stock Exchange”  Warsaw case study document

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