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Customer Guide – Issuers

How to make a service request to Euronext Securities Porto


or through the Portal Client Area – My INTERBOLSA

Identify the corporate actions event

Support documentation:

INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016

INTERBOLSA Circular 1/2016

For further information refer to Exercise of Ownership page.

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or through the Portal Client Area – My INTERBOLSA

Support documentation:

INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016

5 working days prior to the date of the request.

For further information refer to Identification of Securities Holders page.


Documentation (numbering process): Article 5 of INTERBOLSA Regulation 10/2003

Support documentation: INTERBOLSA Regulation 10/2003

The assignment of an ISIN code is free

Codes are assigned in less than 24h

For further information refer to National Numbering Agency page.

Phone: +351 22 615 84 00

Issuer identification:

  • LEI code (Legal Entity Identifier);
  • Updated copy of the by-laws;
  • Commercial registration certificate.

Securities identification:

  • Certified copy of the minutes of the deliberations;
  • Quantity of securities issued;
  • The nominal amount / quantity to be registered;
  • The Registration Instruction.

Analysis and assessment of the documentation and communication of the decision to the applicant:

4 days(*)

INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016 – Article 17

CMVM Regulation 14/2000 – Article 36

Creation of the securities – registration of the issue in the Financial Intermediaries’ accounts.

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Who can you contact at Euronext Securities Porto

We have a team of dedicated professionals with high experience in the business units that offers a unique and personalized service, always available to satisfy our Customers.

Please find the contacts that best fit your need in the table below:

Other relevant contacts

General contacts

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Legal and Compliance

Euronext securities Porto Helpdesk –

Support Documentation

  • PDF

INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016

English Version

INTERBOLSA Regulation 2/2016 English