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Data request

Data provider to our Account Operators and other customers

Euronext Securities Oslo provides data upon request from our Account Operators regarding their customers. Types of data delivered is customer and account information, securities information, special assignments etc. This data is provided through different types of categories.



We offer a wide range of data to different kind of roles and users of the Euronext Securities Oslo system. These packages are set up to match your specific request ensuring you the data required for you to achieve progress in your own business.

Account operators

Account operators in Euronext VPS can request information on an investors total exposure in our systems. This can be, but not limited to:

  • Account information and rights
  • Holdings
  • Transactions
  • Tax information
  • Securities information in regards to Corporate Actions, daily turnover etc.

Debt enforcement officers

Request information in regards to investors’ VPS accounts

Account inquiries related to bankruptcy, a deceased’s estate, compulsory acquisition etc.
To set up such access, please contact us directly.

Researchers & Students

The Central Securities Act opens up for researchers and students to apply for insight into confidential information from the Central Securities Depository (Euronext Securities Oslo).

Such an application has to be presented to Euronext Securities Oslo and include the reason for the project/application as well as the need for, and use of, the information and other aspects – depending on the nature of the information requested.


Euronext Securities Oslo is the source of substantial amount of data.

Trading patterns of over 900 000 investors, seasonal changes on corporate actions and the when and how the shift in investments towards different markets in Norway is played out.
This data has now repackaged and are now available for you on different formats. Contact us below with your request.


Christian A. Viken - Euronext Securities

Christian A. Viken

EVP, Customer Experience and Analytics