Milan 4U

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Milan 4U is the access point that enables our clients to operate on various operating platforms in a quick and secure way.

Clients can access the various services:


MT-X is the interactive dashboard for managing and real time monitoring of the custody service and domestic and international asset servicing


X-TRM/T2S for the routing of contracts (on exchange and OTC) and the relevant settlement reporting


CLIMP for the overall management of a association with Euronext Securities Milan 

Liquidity Dashboard

Liquidity Dashboard is an information tool dedicated to banking treasuries.Euronext  allows intermediaries and paying agents, in particular Bank Treasurers, to view a forecast of settlement and corporate action cash flows using our AI models. The service is available through Euronext Securities Milan's (MT-X) GUI user interface, guarantying simple and secure access and can be easily downloaded to the client’s legacy systems. Visit our website to find out more:


Milan 4U is only available to existing clients that already possess the access credentials.

For more information, please contact our team.