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Data Solutions

Tools and services for financial data and information management

We  offer comprehensive data services designed to streamline the management, processing, and analysis of financial data. Their solutions include a range of tools for data integration, reporting, and analytics, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and regulatory compliance for financial institutions. 

Additionally, through our user-friendly client portal, MIlan4U,  clients can access real-time data, manage transactions, and obtain detailed insights into their financial activities, ensuring seamless and secure access to critical information.

Explore your Data

Settlement Efficiency Dashboard

The Settlement Efficiency Dashboard allows clients to analyse their settlement activity and view information on settlement efficiency, fails and  penalties in a clear and simple manner.  
The new dashboard, accessible directly to clients via Tableau server, can be customized to show relevant data that can help reduce operational risks, improve operational efficiency and tighten control on fail costs.

Liquidity Dashboard

Liquidity Dashboard is an information tool dedicated to banking treasuries. Euronext Securities allows intermediaries and paying agents, in particular Bank Treasurers, to view a forecast of settlement and corporate action cash flows using our AI models. The service is available through Euronext Securities Milan's (MT-X) GUI user interface, guarantying simple and secure access and can be easily downloaded to the client’s legacy systems. 

Playback our Webinar: Euronext Securities Milan's Penalty & Liquidity Dashboards below

Holders Report

A new feature that provides Issuers with enhanced transparency and control over their issuances and investor base.

Issuer Services | Holders Report


One Portal for all your services

Clients can access the customer portal, Milan 4U,  to operate on various operating platforms in a quick and secure way.    Milan 4U is only available to existing clients that already possess the access credentials. For more information, please contact our team at pt.clientservices@euronext.com

Portal Milan4U


MT-X is the interactive dashboard for managing and real time monitoring of the custody service and domestic and international asset servicing


X-TRM/T2S for the routing of contracts (on exchange and OTC) and the relevant settlement reporting


CLIMP for the overall management of a association with Euronext Securities Milan 


Contact your relationship manager to learn more on how to access our Dashboards : MTSalesteam@euronext.com