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Changes in Investor Portal (VIP)


A recent change in the Investor Portal (VIP) has recently been released, resulting in the removal of the following columns on the holdings overview page:

  • Weighted average cost
  • Unrealized profit/loss
  • Realized profit/loss
  • Net profit
  • Cost price

The reason for this is that Euronext Securities Oslo has not been able to validate whether the registered cost price has been correct, and that the calculation method we have used to present this data has in some circumstances appeared to be incorrect for investors in cases where the data was used for tax purposes.

We have therefore decided to remove this functionality to ensure that the data displayed in our applications is correct at all times and does not lead to misunderstandings.

In addition, it is no longer possible to navigate back and forth to see historical holdings. Only current holdings are displayed.

Please also not that the "Only settled" box has been removed as it no longer had any function.

These changes applied from 07.02.2024.