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Adopting effective ESG disclosure practices




As part of Euronext, Oslo Børs can now offer a broader portfolio of courses through Academy – Euronext Group

The implementation of an effective ESG disclosure framework is vital to open access to international capital flows from different types of investments, including SRIs.

This Virtual Classroom provides a step-by-step approach to the reporting process and can suit all types of organizations.

Course outcomes

By attending the Training Session, participants in the virtual classroom will have a special occasion to:

  • learn how to develop focused ESG disclosure practices against industry standards,
  • understand the industry changes and learn what the likely changes will impact,
  • learn what investors, including Responsible Investors, expect from the company and how best to engage with them.

Who should attend

This training programme is addressed to:

  • IR Professionals
  • Sustainability and ESG managers and ESG advisers
  • Board Directors
  • Communication and PR Managers of listed and listing companies
  • Financial analysts

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