ESG Ratings

Euronext recognizes the critical role of rating agencies in providing accurate and transparent information to the market and we consider the engagement with these actors as a central element of our ESG strategy.

We monitor very closely our ESG ratings and conduct gap analysis on our scores to identify areas of development.  Euronext’s ESG scores improved across multiples rating agencies in 2023, reflecting our commitment to provide our stakeholders with timely and transparent ESG reporting.

Rating Agency Scale 2021 2022 2023
MSCI From AAA (top) to CCC A A A
Sustainalytics From 0 (top) to 40+ 15.3 18.7 15.5 (low risk)
CDP From A (top) to F D D D
EcoVadis Out of 100 (top) NA NA 48
Moody's ESG Solutions Out of 100 (top) 49 52 57
S&P Out of 100 (top) 47 49 56
Refinitiv Out of 100 (top) NA NA 72
ISS From A+ (top) to D- C- C- C