Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour

North Sea Foundation organizes fifth Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour

The North Sea Foundation (Stichting de Noordzee) kicks off the fifth Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour. Floris van Hest, General manager Stichting de Noordzee, sounds the gong.

From August 1st till 15th the North Sea Foundation organizes the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour where the entire Dutch North Sea coast is cleared of waste. The Cleanup kicks off simultaneously in Cadzand and Schiermonnikoog. Volunteers take on 30 stages in 15 days, where half walk towards the north, the other half towards the south of Holland. After two weeks the two teams meet and finish the Cleanup in Zandvoort. Those interested can register for one or multiple stages online. Together with 6.377 volunteers, the North Sea Foundation cleared 57.426 kilos off the Dutch beaches, since the first edition in 2013. This boils down to over 10.000 waste bags full of waste.

The North Sea Foundation is an environmental non-governmental organisation (NGO) advocating the protection and sustainable use of the North Sea marine ecosystem. The goal is a clean, healthy sea and a well-functioning ecosystem. Its activities are focused on clean seas and beaches, clean shipping, sustainable fisheries, eco-friendly  sustainable energy and marine protected areas. The Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour is made possible by the support of their main sponsor and partners.

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