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World Autism Awareness Day


AFM Charmain, Merel van Vroonhoven, marks World Autism Awareness Day
By sounding the gong in Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon, Euronext marks World Autism Awareness Day. In Amsterdam Merel van Vroonhoven, Chairman of the Working Group ‘Looking From Within Autism’ and Chairman of the Dutch Authority for the financial markets (AFM), sounds the gong. Van Vroonhoven sounds the gong together with the Dutch Association for Autism (NVA) and the Autism Fund in order to raise awareness for autism.

Some three million people in Europe have autism. With the United Nations designated World Autism Awareness Day autism, and the problems people with Autism experience, are brought to the attention of politicians and the general public. In the Netherlands a variety of organizations organize a myriad of activities. The NVA and the Autism Fund launch the campaign 'Autism is not curable, misunderstanding thankfully is!’ The program ‘Viewed From Within Autism’ launches an advertising spot to promote openness about autism in the workplace. This spot can be seen on the intranet of different organizations.

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