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Amundi MSCI Low Carbon Leaders index ETF


Amundi ETF launches the first ETF in Europe exposed to a MSCI Low Carbon Leaders index

This innovative launch once again demonstrates Amundi ETF innovation capabilities, as well as the Group’s developments in terms of Low Carbon solutions.

Amundi ETF is launching an innovative ETF on Euronext providing investors with exposure to the MSCI World Low Carbon Leaders index that has been launched last September by MSCI, and developed with Amundi and two major European pension funds.
The MSCI World Low Carbon Leaders’ methodology aims to achieve at least a 50% reduction in the level of carbon emissions compared to the MSCI World, while minimizing the tracking error relative to it and retaining a sectorial and geographical similar composition.
This ETF aims at offering an efficient solution to investors seeking to adress the financial risk of climate change and carbon exposure.
This new ETF is offered with a TER of 0.25% and is available in EUR and USD share classes.