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Benefits of the IPOready programme

Expert advice

Delivers expert advice from leading executives, advisors and investors on accessing strategic finance, scaling your company and pitching to investors. 

Investor access

Access to domestic and international investor organisations to pitch your company’s investment story and receive feedback 

Investment ready

Provides mentors enabling you to get your business investment ready and perfect your equity pitch


Builds a valuable network of investors, entrepreneurs, experienced industry leaders and corporate advisors for you and your company on your financing journey 

What will I learn by participating?

IPOready participants will gain:

  • real-life practical insights from Euronext executives, leading plc executives, entrepreneurs, advisors and investors
  • a deep understanding of capital markets, fundraising options and the IPO process
  • knowledge of what being a plc means and why investor relations is important
  • skills in how to scale through acquisition
  • opportunities to pitch your business to potential investors
  • an experienced mentor to guide you during the programme, get your business investment ready and perfect your investment story
  • 1-1 meetings with the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) investment team
  • a network of investors, advisors and entrepreneurs

+100 Hours
Lectures and practicals

+100 Experts
Providing advice and insights

+25 Investors
Hearing your company's story

Who can take part in IPOready

A company can take part in the IPOready programme if it:

  • is generating revenue > 5 million per annum
  • has a track record of growth and potential to accelerate revenues
  • can commit two C-suite executives (eg Chair, CEO, CFO) to take part

What entrepreneurs think of IPOready

Some testimonials of companies who participated in IPOready


Padraic Clarke
CFO, Atlantic Therapeutics

“ I would recommend the IPOready programme to any growing Irish company looking to access significant finance as a critical strategic enabler of their growth. Even if an IPO is not the ultimate source of that finance, the learnings that I took away from the programme are relavent to any fundraising situation, and were of benefit to Atlantic Therapeutics in our recent equity fundraising. IPOready has provided us a fantastic opportunity to meet other companies in a similar position and to learn from their experiences as well as providing contacts with potential advisors and investors for the future.”

David Walsh
CEO, Netwatch Systems

“IPOready was instrumental to Netwatch in our fund raising efforts. It gave us a deep insight into the funding ecosystem and fund raising process. The modules focusing on pitching to investors helped us to craft an investor pitch with the correct value proposition for our strategic partners. I would recommend IPOready to every company looking to raise strategic finance.”

Laurence Flavin
CFO, Finance Ireland

“We were delighted to be part of the IPOready programme. It was a natural step in the progression of a high growth business like Finance Ireland, as Ireland’s largest non-bank lender. The programme put us in a positive environment with companies of a similar DNA and gave us access to the expertise and resources needed in considering the suitability of an IPO for our business in the future. We would strongly recommend the programme to other companies with a track record and growth ambitions.”