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A breakthrough in fund investment

Drawing on its extensive experience with Euronext Fund Service in Amsterdam since 2007, Euronext has created Euronext Fund Service Paris, a breakthrough solution in the access to the funds universe. Thanks to a straight-through-processing and cutting-edge trading model, the service enables to list funds easily on the exchange and facilitates investment in open-end funds across the globe through a broker, like with other exchange traded products (equities, bonds, warrants & certificats…).

Asset managers explain why they listed funds on Euronext Fund Service Paris

Benefits for

Asset Managers
Don’t miss the fund investment breakthrough
Access a cutting-edge and international investment world
  • Facilitate access to your funds for investors, including retail, institutional and corporate investors from Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Follow new technological breakthroughs: Digitalisation, direct access, automation.
  • Strengthen your visibility by admitting your funds on Euronext: we provide market data feeds, reports and a product referential on Euronext’s website, and a dedicated promotion.
  • Enjoy a simple and flexible model:
    • Direct access through a unique platform
    • A cost-efficient trading model  
    • Absolute flexibility on any NAV cycles and cut-offs
    • Existing and new share classes
    • Quick time-to-market: admission in three business days
    • Automated and full Straight Through Processing model
  • Benefit from our top-of-the-range IT infrastructure 

Time to expand your growth opportunities
Funds are now on the Exchange
  • Enjoy new business opportunities that will greatly drive your growth: from now on, you will access the open-end funds investment world (non-ETFs), a market of €25,800 Bn in Europe as of end of 2016 (source: EFAMA).
  • Offer a brand new product line to your clients: a global product range of open-end funds traded at the NAV on Euronext, giving them tremendous new execution capacity.
  • Think bigger: leverage on your experience with ETFs and expand your reach to both passive and active management products.
  • Benefit from our elaborate funds data tool, to provide optimised support to your clients in their funds selection. 


Investors and Robo-Advisors
Your next-gen savings tool 
Diversify easily your portfolio
  • Enjoy a simplified access to invest in funds: buy and sell funds via your broker as easy as Exchange Tradable Products (ETP).
  • Select your preferred funds thanks to our specially designed Morningstar funds data tool on Euronext’s website.
  • Benefit from a Straight Through Processing model and an automatized trading process from order entry to the settlement/delivery process.  

Step by step guide to invest with Euronext Fund Service Paris 

Connecting two worlds

Fast Facts

SIMPLE: a simple and reliable admission process, and a workflow aligned with the subscription/redemption funds processes.

FLEXIBLE: on NAV cycles, types of NAV pricing, asset classes and share classes.

EFFICIENT: a straightforward access whether for brokers or asset managers; processes are automated: no need to sign multi-lateral agreements with different banks or brokers.

TRANSPARENT: clear reported order flow, like the other financial instruments (equities, ETFs…).

FAST: a remarkable time-to-market: admission in only three business days, after reception of the following documents:

  • Inclusion Agreement: Contract between the Asset Managers and Euronext
  • Fund Agent Registration Form: Contrat between the Transfert Agent and Euronext
  • Product documentation: Prospectus + K.I.I.D
  • Admission Form: A document with the main Funds Technical features

SAFE: an exchange market model and a post-trade environment under the CSD Euroclear model.

A fund selection tool

MorningstarIn partnership with Morningstar, Euronext provides an online data tool, including fund reports, search engines, a comparison and rating tool and access to legal documents:

Euronext Fund Service Paris Screener

Asset Managers who listed their funds

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Step by step guide to invest with Euronext Fund Service Paris

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