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A breakthrough in fund investment

Drawing on its extensive experience with Euronext Fund Service in Amsterdam since 2007, Euronext has created Euronext Fund Service Paris, a breakthrough solution in the access to the funds universe. Thanks to a straight-through-processing and cutting-edge trading model, the service enables to list funds easily on the exchange and facilitates investment in open-end funds across the globe through a broker, like with other exchange traded products (equities, bonds, warrants & certificats…).

Asset managers explain why they listed funds on Euronext Fund Service Paris

New funds on Euronext Fund Service Paris listed by Cogefi Gestion. Discover why Cogefi chose Euronext Fund Service for the subscription of their funds

Benefits for

Asset Managers
Don’t miss the fund investment breakthrough
Access a cutting-edge and international investment world
  • Facilitate access to your funds for investors, including retail, institutional and corporate investors from Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Follow new technological breakthroughs: Digitalisation, direct access, automation.
  • Strengthen your visibility by admitting your funds on Euronext: we provide market data feeds, reports and a product referential on Euronext’s website, and a dedicated promotion.
  • Enjoy a simple and flexible model:
    • Direct access through a unique platform
    • A cost-efficient trading model  
    • Absolute flexibility on any NAV cycles and cut-offs
    • Existing and new share classes
    • Quick time-to-market: admission in three business days
    • Automated and full Straight Through Processing model
  • Benefit from our top-of-the-range IT infrastructure 

Time to expand your growth opportunities
Funds are now on the Exchange
  • Enjoy new business opportunities that will greatly drive your growth: from now on, you will access the open-end funds investment world (non-ETFs), a market of €25,800 Bn in Europe as of end of 2016 (source: EFAMA).
  • Offer a brand new product line to your clients: a global product range of open-end funds traded at the NAV on Euronext, giving them tremendous new execution capacity.
  • Think bigger: leverage on your experience with ETFs and expand your reach to both passive and active management products.
  • Benefit from our elaborate funds data tool, to provide optimised support to your clients in their funds selection. 


Investors and Robo-Advisors
Your next-gen savings tool 
Diversify easily your portfolio
  • Enjoy a simplified access to invest in funds: buy and sell funds via your broker as easy as Exchange Tradable Products (ETP).
  • Select your preferred funds thanks to our specially designed Morningstar funds data tool on Euronext’s website.
  • Benefit from a Straight Through Processing model and an automatized trading process from order entry to the settlement/delivery process.  

Step by step guide to invest with Euronext Fund Service Paris 

Connecting two worlds

Fast Facts

SIMPLE: a simple and reliable admission process, and a workflow aligned with the subscription/redemption funds processes.

FLEXIBLE: on NAV cycles, types of NAV pricing, asset classes and share classes.

EFFICIENT: a straightforward access whether for brokers or asset managers; processes are automated: no need to sign multi-lateral agreements with different banks or brokers.

TRANSPARENT: clear reported order flow, like the other financial instruments (equities, ETFs…).

FAST: a remarkable time-to-market: admission in only three business days, after reception of the following documents:

  • Inclusion Agreement: Contract between the Asset Managers and Euronext
  • Fund Agent Registration Form: Contrat between the Transfert Agent and Euronext
  • Product documentation: Prospectus + K.I.I.D
  • Admission Form: A document with the main Funds Technical features

SAFE: an exchange market model and a post-trade environment under the CSD Euroclear model.

A fund selection tool

MorningstarIn partnership with Morningstar, Euronext provides an online data tool, including fund reports, search engines, a comparison and rating tool and access to legal documents:

Euronext Fund Service Paris Screener

Asset Managers who listed their funds

AXA Investment Managers Cogefi gestion Ecofi Investissements
FLORNOY & Associés Gestion Keren Finance La Française Global Investment Solutions
Longchamp Asset Management Natixis Asset Management OFI Asset Management


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Step by step guide to invest with Euronext Fund Service Paris

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