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As the Financing partner for European businesses at each step of their development, Euronext has launched a series of initiatives designed to facilitate market access for mid-caps. 

Euronext has changed the Euronext market names for easier identification and definition of its listing and service offering towards issuers:

  • The Free Market and Easynext became Euronext ACCESS®, and stands as the gateway for companies seeking simple access to listing.
  • Alternext became Euronext GROWTH®, a market dedicated to mid-caps with listing requirements adapted to their specific needs.
  • Euronext (compartments A, B and C) remain the group’s regulated market, and operate with no changes.

Euronext ACCESS +®, springboard to listing for start-ups and fast-growing SMEs

Within the Euronext ACCESS compartment; a new compartment called Euronext ACCESS + was created. Designed for both start-ups and SMEs, Euronext ACCESS + helps them make a smooth transition to the market and adapt to its operations. This new compartment is a springboard to other Euronext markets. Companies admitted to trading on Euronext ACCESS + will be given additional assistance and their shares will benefit from greater visibility.

Euronext ACCESS + has its own listing criteria:

  • financial statements covering at least two years, including audited accounts for the last year
  • minimum float €1 million,
  • obligation to have a listing sponsor, starting with listing and continuing throughout the market experience,
  • and commitment to regularly communicate towards the market.

Euronext Access® and Euronext Growth® remain Multilateral Trading Systems

Euronext is strengthening the role played by listing sponsors to further improve the input and assistance available to mid-caps as they list:

  • Mandatory appointment of a listing sponsor for companies making their market debut on any of Euronext’s regulated markets: Euronext GROWTH, Euronext ACCESS and its Euronext ACCESS + compartment
  • Listing Sponsors continue to advise companies listed on Euronext GROWTH and Euronext ACCESS + at all stages of their market experience. Listing Sponsors are responsible for advising and assisting the listed company in its interactions with the market, in particular through investor meetings. 

Enlarged scope

  • Companies listed on Euronext ACCESS + are required to be accompanied by a Listing Sponsor at listing and as long as they are listed
  • Companies listed on Euronext ACCESS are required to be accompanied by a Listing Sponsor at listing

Reinforced Role

  • Each Listing Sponsor shall maintain regular contact with the Issuer for which it acts as Listing Sponsor to be aware of developments and changes within the Issuer and the Securities admitted to trading
  • Each Listing Sponsor shall do its utmost to advise and accompany each Issuer for which it acts as Listing Sponsor by organizing one investor meeting per year at the minimum.  


  • Activity of the Listing Sponsor assessed on a yearly basis
  • The Listing Sponsor have to submit an annual certificate to Euronext containing main changes within its structure, last operations managed, etc...
  • Requirements regarding MAR Compliance (clearly stated)
  • Introduction of a preliminary interview within the accreditation process (physical meeting or a conference call)

Admission criteria


Euronext ACCESS

Euronext ACCESS +

Euronext GROWTH

Free float

Not applicable



Financial Statements

2 years (no requirement of audited accounts)

2 years o/w last financial year of audited accounts

2 last financial years of audited accounts

Accounting standards

IFRS or local GAAP


Listing Sponsor

Main document to be provided

Information document*
(*or EU Prospectus in case of public offer)

Information document or EU Prospectus

Ongoing Obligations


Euronext ACCESS

Euronext ACCESS +

Euronext GROWTH

Financial reporting: annual

Yes but based on local legal code

Audited annual financial report

Financial reporting: semi-annual

Not required

Unaudited semi-annual financial statements

Price sensitive information, insider lists, market soundings


(Market abuse regulation Directive)

Declaration of management transactions


(Market abuse regulation Directive)

Declarations of breaches of threshold voting rights

Not applicable


Anti-money laundering



Not required

Listing Sponsor



Innovative measures promote trading of mid-caps

To improve the liquidity of mid-size stocks, Euronext is rolling out new measures to reshape and improve its market model on SMEs. The aim is to increase the liquidity on these securities by offering an efficient and adapted trading model.

To this end:

  • Listed companies that are traded at fixing will now benefit from a double fixing at 11:30 and at 16:30,
  • and from the “Trading at Last” allowing investors to operate with a unique price in a particular time frame (from 11:30 to 15:00 and from 16:30 to 17:30). This represents a “hybrid” model between continuously traded instruments and fixing only.

Euronext as also decided to deploy a randomisation mechanism to all securities for the opening and closing price in order to secure the price formation process. Since July 2017, Euronext has been adding small and midcap securities to its Euronext Block service*, allowing investors to execute large-sized orders on this segment. To know more on Block trading:

* the launch of Euronext Block is subject to the approval of regulators. 

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