Frequently Asked Questions - Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Frequently asked questions about the Euronext Corporate Services offering

What are Corporate Services?

Euronext Corporate Services help private and public companies make the most effective use of capital markets. Through a comprehensive suite of solutions and advisory, Euronext Corporate Services support private and public companies to increase their visibility, enhance their communication, understand market and investors’ perception, increase investors’ engagement, access reliable data and improve their governance.

What are Webcast and Webinar services?

Company Webcast facilitates conference calls and professional live broadcasts of your meetings via the internet. This
increases not only the visibility of your organisation, but also the impact of your message. For publicly listed companies,
we provide a range of conference call & webcast services for all types of Investor Relations events: quarterly earnings
calls, press events, analyst events, shareholder meetings and capital market days. We are also involved in many internal
communications events, such as town hall meetings and periodic management updates.

What are Pre Listing Services?

We fully support and guide SMEs’ management during each step of their Company’s IPO process.

Our Pre-Listing Services team provides a tailor-made support to the issuer in order to enhance the success of the transaction and acts as the key partner and trusted advisor of the management during the entire IPO process.

  • Preliminary thoughts, considerations and « decoding » of the IPO process: transaction’s feasibility assessment - company’s profile and key success factors - and Company’s preparation for each step of the IPO process.
  • Decision-making support throughout the process and advice in selecting other advisors and financial partner(s): help and advice in choosing the Bookrunner(s), Listing Sponsor (for an IPO), Legal counsel(s), auditors and financial communication agency.
  • Monitoring, structuring and coordination of the transaction: act as the leading advisor throughout the transaction by coordinating all parties involved, preparing and monitoring the timetable, supervising Due Diligence sessions, and reviewing the offer documentation and structuration as presented to the market authority (« AMF »).
  • Assistance in preparing and building the issuer’s Equity Story: support management’s preparation of their arguments and selling points that will be presented to the market.
  • Monitoring and decoding of the marketing/placement phase of the transaction, until pricing: guide and prepare management for their meetings with investors in France and abroad during the roadshow and monitor – in connection with the Bookrunner(s) and the other advisors – the roadshow and the bookbuilding, until pricing of the transaction.
What are Post Listing Services?

Market intelligence for listed SMEs

Post-Listing Services provide high-value advisory and decision-making tools for listed SMEs’ executives, in maximizing the
support of capital markets to deliver their strategic ambition:

  • Identify the whole potential of their listing and select the best way to leverage it
  • Monitor the efficiency and ROI of action plans
  • Build long term, trusted relations with institutional investors

#1 – Analyse
Support listed SMEs in leveraging their market potential:

  • Providing an accurate and updated view of their institutional ownership
  • Analysing direct listed peers and sectorial benchmarks’ ownership
  • Targeting new institutional investors

#2 – Understand
Understand investors opinion, in order to:

  • Capture expectations and questions, point out possible gaps
  • Provide a critical and objective feedback on pros and cons heard from the market
  • Find out complex topics and raise difficult messages to managers

#3 – Advise
A proactive approach to improve IR strategy and financial communication:

  • Challenge key messages and propose new KPIs
  • Participate in structuring and delivering the IR action plan
  • Monitor the efficiency and the impact of investor relations