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Highlight - Tech start-up Lili

Lili, a tech start-up offering asset management services to investors, partnered up with Euronext to launch an investment management championship with students.

Particularly relevant to new generation retail investors, Lili provides modern portfolio and asset management services via an online portal. The championship consisted in involving 255 graduate students pursuing a Master’s of Finance in 15 French schools and universities in a asset management competition. Their challenge? Put themselves in the role of a professional asset managers and create the best investment strategy.

Euronext decided to accompany Lili as this championship was aligned with a key objective of Euronext Fund Services: simplify and open up fund investment to make it accessible to all investor profiles. Euronext Fund Services meets the needs of not only institutional and retail investors, but also of e-brokers, robo-advisors and platforms like Lili.

Alongside Lili, and partners Lyxor Asset Management (ETF issuer) and Morningstar, Euronext hosted a closing bell in our Paris offices on 17 May 2018 for the championship’s awards ceremony. Student participants and partners of the championship attended to celebrate the adventure. The timing of the event was perfect as it took place exactly 1 year and 2 days after the launch of Euronext Fund Service Paris.

Press releases of Lili on their blog and on Hello Finance.

Lili championship awards bell ceremony

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