Actiam announces receiving top scores in global responsible investment survey

Fund and asset manager ACTIAM published the results of the annual responsible investment survey conducted by Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). ACTIAM received the highest score in 11 out of 14 modules. Compared to 2016, ACTIAM improved its score in seven modules. On this occasion they sound the gong at the Amsterdam exchange.

PRI conducts an annual responsible investment survey among its members. Respondents receive a score ranging from E to A+ for each module. ACTIAM obtained the highest possible score for its active ownership approach. In the area of inclusive finance (e.g. microfinance and SME financing in emerging markets) ACTIAM managed to improve its score from A to A+. This means that ACTIAM is in the top 10% of the market.

ACTIAM is a leading responsible asset and fund manager for more than one million people in the Netherlands, with €54.6 billion in assets under management (as at December 2016). ACTIAM offers a comprehensive range of investment funds and investment solutions that extends from index investing all the way to impact investing. They impose strict criteria on their investments and follow a strict, scrupulous selection process without making concessions in the area of financial returns.

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