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The Brussels Stock Exchange (or Bourse de Bruxelles / Beurs van Brussel) is part of the Euronext group, the leading pan-European exchange spanning Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Milan, Oslo & Paris.
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The BEL 20

Our national blue chip index is based on the performance of the 20 most representative companies of the Belgian market.

Launched in 1991, the BEL 20 was part of a new generation of indices, representing a basket of well-defined stocks on which options and futures contracts could be based. The BEL 20 is designed to be representative of the Belgian equity market and must be liquid and diversified enough to trade smoothly. Today, the index serves as an underlying for structured products, funds, exchange-traded funds, options and futures.

The BEL 20 not only plays its part in measuring the evolution of our financial markets, it is one of our strongest brands and the most widely recognised symbol of the Belgian market.

Euronext Brussels: mission

The mission of Euronext Brussels is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders realise their ambitions by:

  • Connecting them with the largest pool of international professional and retail investors (more than 97% of the volumes in Brussels are generated by foreign members)
  • Providing efficient, transparent and secure markets
  • Offering independent financing opportunities

Vincent Van Dessel
CEO and Chairman Euronext Brussels

Vincent van Dessel

Euronext Expert Market

The Euronext Expert Market offers a unique secondary market for non-listed securities.

Any shareholder or bondholder can offer their securities for sale in a secure and transparent environment.

On the Expert Market you can trade Bank Bills (Bons de caisse-Kasbons) as well as family-owned non listed companies or crowdfunded companies.

Why list on Euronext Brussels?

Euronext Brussels benefits from a unique ecosystem of banks, lawyers, auditors, communication agencies and listing sponsors able to assist companies seeking to go public and raise funds. Our market is not only internationally recognised for its strong and dynamic biotech and real-estate franchises, it offers financing solutions, visibility and credibility to more than 100 companies from all sectors and of all sizes. All Brussels-listed companies benefit from Euronext's single pool of liquidity and broad pan-European network.  

  • Discover our complete listing offering in the raise capital section
  • Belgian tech companies that might consider listing within three years can apply for TechShare, our educational pre-IPO programme designed to familiarise innovative businesses with capital markets  

To have an informal chat on the financing needs of your company, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Benoît van den Hove
Head of Listing in Belgium

Benoit van den Hove


Private investors cannot trade directly with the Exchange. They require a bank, broker or private wealth manager to execute their order on the Euronext trading platform. Our broker list provides you with an overview of accredited intermediaries.

Brokers list

Latest Events

  • Ekopak

    31/03/2021 - 16:15PM CEST  |  Brussels


    Ekopak lists on Euronext Brussels

    Pieter Loose, Chief Executive Officer of Ekopak, opens the trading day in Brussels.

    Ekopak is an ESG-driven off-grid water solutions company, focusing on optimizing water use through containerized water purification units that transform alternative water sources such as rain-, surface- and/or wastewater into cleaner water that can be used and reused in the customer’s industrial processes. These solutions can either be offered through standalone design, build, and at the client’s request, operate and/or maintain services, as well as a “Water as a Service” solutions package, which provides the customer with an end-to-end solution delivered under a long-term contract with “pay by the drop” pricing.

    Brussels31/03/2021 - 16:15PM CEST
  • Atenor

    19/03/2021 - 16:13PM CET  |  Brussels


    Atenor's green bonds list on Euronext Brussels

    Sidney D. Bens, Chief Financial Officer of Atenor, opens the trading day in Brussels.

    Atenor's green bonds are the first retail green bonds on Euronext Brussels and the first retail green bonds of a real estate company on Euronext Markets.

    Brussels19/03/2021 - 16:13PM CET
  • Choice

    26/02/2021 - 16:06PM CET  |  Brussels


    Choice lists on Euronext Brussels

    Bart Van Coppenolle, Chief Executive Officer of Choice, opens the trading day in Brussels.

    Choice NV is a holding company specialised in the development of a collaborative platform allowing consumers to recommend TV and video content, online telecom services, etc.

    Brussels26/02/2021 - 16:06PM CET

The Brussels markets

Visit our Live Markets website for overviews, product specifications and quotes of all listed and traded products. The buttons below will offer you quick access to the Brussels markets. For the full Euronext offer please visit:

Live Market

Supervision of the Belgian financial sector

Since 1 April 2011, the supervision of the Belgian financial sector is organised with two autonomous regulatory bodies, the Belgian National Bank (BNB) and the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

This bipartite model, known as the “Twin Peaks” model, is intended to provide a structure for the two major objectives of the supervision of the financial sector:

  • maintaining the macro and micro-economic stability of the financial system, which falls under the competence of the BNB, and
  • ensuring that market processes are equitable and transparent, that relationships between market participants are appropriate and that clients are treated honestly, fairly and professionally, tasks which fall within the competence of the FSMA. The FSMA is also responsible for Prospectus, Transparency and Market Abuse regulations.

Rule Book

A single Euronext Rule Book governs trading on all Euronext Securities and Derivatives Markets. It contains both harmonised and non-harmonised, or local, rules.

The harmonised rules are as follows:

The non-harmonised rules are as follows:

  • Rule Book II and Notices applicable to Euronext Brussels, the regulated market operated by Euronext Brussels SA/NV.

A stock exchange deeply rooted in the Belgian economy



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