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Euronext is an established listing destination for commercial paper (CP) issuance that has supported financial institutions, corporations, sovereigns, supranational agencies and other CP issuers in 100+ jurisdictions around the world.

With a straightforward listing process and the ability to issue commercial papers in 20+ currencies, we enable issuers in various industries to reach their short-terms financing goals quickly and effectively.  

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Join the ESG CP movement

The growing demand for sustainable bonds has increased investor interest in ESG/green commercial papers.

Euronext attracts ESG CP listings with a combined value of billions of euros, connecting issuers to sustainable investors worldwide. Issuers can easily join the ever-expanding Euronext ESG Bonds once listed on a Euronext market.

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Euronext operates six regulated markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Paris and Oslo as well as two MTFs — Euronext Global Exchange Market and Euronext Access & Growth.

No, you do not need to appoint a listing agent when applying to issue commercial papers on any of Euronext markets with the exception of Euronext Dublin. 

If you are not a public sector issuer and you want to list your commercial papers on Euronext Dublin, appointing a listing agent will be required. The agent must be registered as such with Euronext Dublin. It can be:

  • a credit institution as defined in point (a) of Article 1(1) of Directive 2000/12/EC 
  • a third country credit institution with a registered office in a state which is a member of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • a sponsor registered with Euronext Dublin that, as part of its services, provides professional advice to issuers of debt and derivative securities in the international markets
  • an international legal firm with an established debt capital markets practice

Learn more about the listing agent requirements.

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Valerie O'Flaherty

VP - International Bond Listings