Corporate Actions Data

Euronext offers a suite of corporate actions data products that are delivered via its new distribution platform.

Euronext Corporate Actions Portal

The Euronext Corporate Actions Portal provides real-time delivery of corporate actions data via an easy to use interface.

It allows customers to lessen the risk by aggregating all data, including back-history information in a single feature-rich environment, and offering a quality user experience with greater effectiveness.

Products available

Cash market notices

You will have access to:

  • Corporate actions notices
  • Dividend notices and
  • Other notices for Euronext and Oslo Børs listed securities.

The notices are available in real-time in PDF format. Access to the machine readable formats is available via FTP pull.

Stock and dividend news

You will have access to daily reports that:

  • Carry an overview of all corporate actions and
  • Dividends that will impact the order book of Euronext and Oslo Børs listed securities on the next business day.

Index corporate actions calendars and notices

Access reports carrying information on:

  • index review

  • corporate actions

  • dividends and

  • divisor changes

This information will be available one day in advance of the effective date.

The reports detail all the corporate actions including:

  • additions

  • deletions

  • ex dividend adjustments and

  • changes arising from a variety of corporate events to be applied the next business day.

Reports provide you with upcoming changes and corporate actions impacting the constituents of the indices after the next business day.

Index review information is also included.


For a detailed list of fields available please refer to the Clients specifications

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