Reference Data

Provides you with the features of the financial instruments traded on Euronext, Borsa Italiana and Oslo Børs markets.

Euronext Reference Data Products

The Euronext Reference Data consists of a wide range of products with in-depth descriptions and characteristics of the instruments traded on the Euronext market places.

Advanced Reference Data

The service provides all the necessary data for identifying instruments traded on Italian markets. Moreover, it contains a wide amount of relevant additional information about the instruments, that can enhance client’s databases and can be used for deeper analysis.

Every day file, provided in CSV format, contain market reference data related to all active instruments traded on Borsa Italiana and EuroTlx.

Borsa Italiana  and EuroTlx

The Advanced Reference Data Service  is the Official Source of Reference information directly from Borsa Italiana  targeted to data vendors,  media, banks, consultants,  researchers, brokers and buy side. It is designed for reliable updates for database maintenance, advanced analysis and researches, creation and redistribution of reference data products.

  • Complete, accurate and updated Reference Data of all the instruments listed on Borsa Italiana.
  • Advanced Reference Data and CategoriesNew ListingsCorporate Actions-linked information.
  • Data delivered daily before markets opening, in time for systems updates.
  • Data delivered in CSV format via SFTP  files transfer.


The OPTIQ MDG Files (formerly named Euronext Reference Data Products) carry the elements of each financial instrument traded on Borsa Italiana, Euronext and Oslo Børs markets.

The information will be provided in:

  • XML format (zip compressed)
  • Via sFTP
  • Once a day before the start of the trading session

Master Files Products

The Master Files are a detailed source of reference data for ETFs and Structured Products listed/traded on Euronext Group markets. The information is provided once a day before the start of the trading session.



ETFs - (includes exchange traded funds, exchange traded vehicles and exchange traded notes)

Market coverage: Euronext





Structured Products - (includes warrants, certificates and structured notes)

Market coverage: Euronext




Structured Products - (includes warrants, certificates and structured notes)

Market coverage: Euronext and Borsa Italiana




Dublin Bond & Fund Feed

The Euronext Dublin Bond & Fund Feed provides information on listed bonds and funds that are not traded on the Euronext central order book.

This feed is comprised of the following types of content:

  • Instrument reference data
  • Instrument suspension
  • Fund NAVs
  • On Exchange/Off book trades (covers bonds only)

Euronext Oslo Børs - Bonds File

>The Euronext Oslo Børs Fundamental Data Bond File carry information concerning bond fundamentals and events that effects the valuation of bonds listed at Euronext Oslo Børs and Nordic ABM.

The file contains the following detailed information:

  • Key dates (issue date, maturity date, interest as from date, first coupon payment, first down payment date and tap issue period)
  • Fundamentals (coupon rate, coupon frequency, amortisation type, down payment Method, denomination amount, cash flow and risk category)
  • Companies (borrower, trustee, paying agent)

The information is provided:

•             in xml format (zip compressed) via SFTP

•             daily after the close of the trading session.

Euronext Securities Oslo

The Euronext Securities Oslo products consist of reference data files for unlisted equities and bonds, in addition to shareholder data products providing information about top shareholders, changes in the top shareholding and insight into investor demographics.

The Unlisted Reference Data provides broad information on all unlisted equities and bonds registered with Euronext Securities Oslo.

The Top Shareholder Information product includes ISIN, issuer name, number of shares, aggregated numbers of shares and percentages owned by the 50 largest shareholders.

The Top Shareholder Changes product provides a daily overview of the top 50 investor changes in Norwegian securities, regardless of regulatory disclosure requirements.

The Investor Figures gives unique insight into investor related behaviour and key figures through structured market and investor data for Norwegian registered instruments. 

The information is provided:

  • in CSV format (zip compressed) via SFTP
  • daily before the start of the trading session


For a detailed list of fields available please refer to the Clients specifications

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