Oslo Børs Publication Service


Through the Oslo Børs service NewsPoint, listed companies can distribute announcements to the market, officially appointed mechanism (OAM), and the Oslo Børs NewsWeb simultaneously. NewsPoint publishes and distributes announcements through the following channels:

Oslo Børs News Feed

Targeted distribution of news and announcements to anyone following the Norwegian market, in Norway and internationally, through Market data subscribers. These include large market data vendors such as Refinitiv, Bloomberg and SIX.

Notification to your own distribution lists

The possibility to define e-mail recipients in different distribution lists. When publishing an announcement, you may choose one or several of the distribution lists for automatic notifications.

Publishing announcements on your corporate website

We also offer the automatic publishing of announcements on your corporate website. This service is delivered through a web module that is fully integrated with your web site, allowing you to adjust the layout to fit your corporate style. The service is offered at an additional fee, in cooperation with Oslo Market Solutions.


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Avtale om offentliggjøring og distribusjon

Norwegian Version

Norwegian 03/09/2020 Avtale om offentliggjøring og distribusjon /sites/default/files/2021-08/Avtale%20om%20offentliggj%C3%B8ring%20og%20distribusjon%20.pdf
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Prisliste Oslo Børs Publication Service

Norwegian Version

Norwegian 03/09/2020 Prisliste Oslo Børs Publication Service /sites/default/files/2020-09/Fee%20Schedule%20Oslo%20B%C3%B8rs%20Publication%20Services%20-%20valid%20from%201%20January%202020.pdf

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