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Risk Committee

The Company has established, in line with the EMIR provisions, a Risk Committee.

The Risk committee is an advisory committee to the board. It shall give the Board of Directors its mandatory non-binding opinion on any arrangements that may impact the risk management of the Company acting as central counterparty.

In particular, the Committee shall advise with respect to the followings:

  • the features of the risk models adopted, including those concerning the interoperability agreements with other central counterparties, any material revisions or adjustments to such models, their methodologies and the liquidity risk management framework;
  • the internal policy framework for defining the types of extreme but plausible market conditions - and its reviews implemented in order to determine the minimum size of default fund, proceeding with the assessments set forth under articles 29.3 and 31 of the Regulation (EU) n. 153/2013
  • the policy for the management of default procedures;
  • the liquidity plan adopted by the Company, in accordance with article 32 of the Regulation (EU) n. 153/2013;
  • the criteria for accepting clearing members;
  • the criteria adopted for the clearing of new classes of instruments;
  • the outsourcing of functions;
  • the policy for the use of derivatives contracts, for the purpose of article 47 of EMIR.

The Committee may also make recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to any matters that may impact the risk management.

The advisory and recommendation activity of the Committee does not include decisions concerning the daily operation of the Company.

Once a year, the Committee shall produce a report on the activities carried out and the evaluation of the Company’s risk management. Such report is annexed to the annual report on the organizational structure and risk management to be sent to the Authorities.

According to the Terms of reference, the Committee is composed by 8 members, of whom:

  • two are independent non executive directors of Euronext Clearing;
  • three are representatives of clearing members;
  • three are representatives of clients.

Composition of the Risk Committee

Chairman Alfredo Maria Magri Independent non-executive Director
Deputy Chairman Paolo Marullo Reedtz Independent non-executive Director
  Rita Gnutti Clearing Member Representative: Intesa Sanpaolo
  Rocco Fanciullo Clearing Member Representative: Unicredit
  Luca Lotti Clearing Member Representative: Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
  Loubna Serrar Client Representative: BNP Arbitrage
  Rodolphe Hubert Client Representative: Natixis
  Daniel Johnson Client Representative: J.P. Morgan

Remuneration Committee

The Board has set up an internal Remuneration Committee with consultative and proposing functions, composed of at least three directors of the Company. The duties and the composition of the committee are set by a Board resolution at the time such committee is set up.

Members of the Remuneration Committee are the Deputy Chairman and two independent directors.

Composition of the Remuneration Committee

Name Role
Giorgio Modica Chairman
Alfredo Maria Magri Independent non executive director
Paolo Marullo Reedtz Independent non executive director



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CCG Terms of reference of the Risk Committee

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English 13/05/2021 /sites/default/files/2021-05/4488EN%20202104%20v02.0%20Terms%20of%20reference%20of%20the%20Risk%20Committee.pdf CCG Terms of reference of the Risk Committee
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CC&G TOR Remuneration Committe- April 2022.pdf

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CC&G TOR Remuneration Committe- April 2022.pdf English
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CC&G Remuneration Policy 2023.pdf

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CC&G Remuneration Policy 2023.pdf English