Euronext Market Services

Euronext Market Services (EMS) is a US broker dealer based in New York’s Financial District.
EMS Supports asset managers, hedge funds and broker-dealers with:
  • Commission Management and Aggregation Services
  • BondVision US RFQ platform for US fixed income investors

Commission Management and Aggregation Service

For non-MiFID Scope Investors

Euronext Market Services: a hybrid commission and aggregation service powered by award-winning Commcise technology for research funding and evaluation.

EMS offers complete commission aggregation, consolidation and research payment services including, unbundling with rate card management, trade reconciliation, and monthly confirmation of soft dollar balances, invoice management, payments and custom reporting.

Our hybrid aggregation model allows you to consolidate research credits with EMS  while also maintaining credits with your most important execution partners creating a distributed risk model. The EMS clients service team will manage reconciliations and payments regardless of which broker holds credits.

Commission Aggregation Includes:

  • Multi-asset support
  • Broad CSA broker network
  • Virtual aggregation (distributed balances)
  • Custodial aggregation (centralized balances)
  • Hybrid aggregation
  • Commcise software integration

EMS is a broker-neutral aggregation broker:

  • EMS is part of the Euronext Group, the pan-European stock exchange operator across 7 European economies building the leading market infrastructure in Europe.
  • EMS has no agency or principal trading activities.

BondVision US RFQ

EMS BondVision RFQ: direct access to the heart of the European bond market’s liquidity for US investors.

EMS BondVision US RFQ is a multi-dealer-to-client trading platform for Non-U.S. Sovereign, Supranational and Agency (SSA) bonds.

It connects users directly to one of the largest networks of liquidity providers available on one online trading platform.

The platform is tailored to the needs of US fixed income investors, with trading in multiple currencies, giving direct access to the heart of the European bond market’s liquidity.

EMS BondVision ensures access to the best rates available for a wide range of non-US government bonds and credit products.

Benefits include:

  • Extensive network of regional and global liquidity providers
  • Trade in multiple currencies, including EUR, GBP, CEE local currencies and Nordics (DKK, NOK, SEK)
  • Execute on the best price available via RFQ-based trading model
  • Search for and execute axed bonds
  • Access a unique pre-trade view of the wholesale market with MTS Data
  • Euronext heritage and MTS expertise
  • Fully regulated and secure trading venue
  • Proven FIX-based technology, interoperable with all major OMS providers

EMS BondVision US is operated by Euronext Market Services LLC.


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