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60th anniversary NEVI


NEVI celebrates 60th anniversary

With the sounding of the gong, NEVI, the Dutch Association of Purchasing Management, celebrates its 60th anniversary. Since its inception in 1956, NEVI has become the leading network for purchasing and supply management in the Netherlands. Today, NEVI represents over 6,500 members and is one of the largest investors in research and education in the field of purchasing and supply management.

The purchasing function in the Netherlands represents a value of 400 billion euros and thus has a major economic impact. Professional buyers play a strategic role in numerous private and listed organizations and are not only focused on minimizing costs, but also on adding value and managing risk.

The ringing of the bell on December 1st also coincides with the release of the NEVI Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI®). This composite index shows a monthly overall picture of the development of the Dutch industry and is considered a guide by investors.

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