Euronext Fund Service Paris

Euronext provides a simple, diversified and cutting-edge trading offer for open-end funds thanks to a global access to the funds universe.

Drawing on its extensive experience with Euronext Fund Service in Amsterdam since 2007, Euronext has created Euronext Fund Service Paris, a breakthrough solution in the access to the funds universe. Thanks to a straight-through-processing and cutting-edge trading model, the service enables to list funds easily on the exchange and facilitates investment in open-end funds across the globe through a broker, like with other exchange traded products (equities, bonds, warrants & certificats…).

Asset managers explain why they listed funds on Euronext Fund Service Paris .

Euronext Fund Service Paris is an innovative and complementary solution for investing in open-end funds (UCITS1 and AIF2) registered or passported in France. It offers institutional and retail investors a simplified, automated cost-efficient subscription/redemption service to invest in funds through their brokers. Euronext Fund Service has been launched on 15 May 2017, starting with AXA IM, Ecofi Investissements, La Française Investment Solutions, Longchamp Asset Management, Natixis AM and OFI AM funds.

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Euronext Market Services (EMS)
Available 06:30-22:30 CET
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