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Oslo Børs VPS joined the Euronext Group in June 2019. Oslo Børs VPS operates marketplaces for trading in financial instruments, together with settlement, securities registration and information services.

Oslo Børs VPS

The Oslo Børs VPS group consists of Oslo Børs ASA, Verdipapirsentralen ASA (VPS) and Oslo Market Solutions AS. VPS is the only central securities depository (CSD) in Norway, and provides an efficient infrastructure and services for the settlement of transactions in securities and the registration of ownership rights over securities.
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VPS owns Centevo AB who delivers digital asset management services and back office support in the Nordic region.
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Oslo Market Solutions (OMS) is one of the leading Nordic suppliers of internet-based solutions for the financial markets. With a Nordic perspective, OMS focus on high availability, quality, innovation, design, speed and flexibility towards clients.
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Oslo Børs

Oslo Børs offers the only regulated markets for securities trading in Norway today and is world-leading in the energy, shipping and seafood sectors. Oslo Børs will serve as the Euronext group’s centre of excellence for Commodities.

Oslo Børs owns NOTC AS, a trading support system and marketplace for unlisted shares.
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Oslo Børs owns Fish Pool ASA, an international, regulated marketplace for trading of financial salmon contracts.
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Listing and membership on Oslo Børs

Oslo Børs stand out from the rest of the Nordic markets with many new share listings, and a cost effective and speedy process for admission to listing. A company that has its shares listed on Oslo Børs will find it quicker and easier to list other types of securities, such as bonds or short-term certificates. Oslo Børs also offers listing of ETPs (Exchange Traded Products), warrants and structured products.
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Members at Oslo Børs enjoy direct trading access to a large proportion of the world's financial instruments within the energy, shipping and seafood sectors. Member and trading rules for the Oslo Børs marketplaces meet European standards.
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Latest bell ceremonies

  • Salmon Evolution admitted to trading

    18/09/2020 - 10:50AM CEST  |  Oslo


    Salmon Evolution admitted to trading

    Photo: Thomas Brun / NTB scanpix

    The land-based salmon farming company Salmon Evolution has today been admitted to trading on Merkur Market

    Salmon Evolution is a land-based salmon farming company with its first production facility under construction on Indre Harøy, Norway.  

    Salmon Evolution recently raised NOK 500 million through a private placement. “The private placement attracted very strong interest from Norwegian, Nordic and international high-quality institutional investors and was more than nine times oversubscribed excluding shares pre-allocated to cornerstone investors,” the company announced.

    The net proceeds from the placement will be used to partly fund the first construction phase of the company’s land-based salmon farming facility at Indre Harøy, further develop the project and for general corporate purposes. 

    About Salmon Evolution 
    Salmon Evolution Holding is a land-based salmon farming company with its first production facility under construction on Indre Harøy, Norway. Salmon Evolution Holding emphasizes rational operation, fish welfare and minimal impact on the environment. With use of significant amounts of fresh seawater, the company creates optimum production and environmental conditions, improved growth and a shorter production time.  

    Salmon Evolution admitted to trading
    Oslo Salmon Evolution admitted to trading 18/09/2020 - 10:50AM CEST
  • BEWi

    28/08/2020 - 11:44AM CEST  |  Oslo


    BEWi admitted to trading

    BEWi has today been admitted to trading on Merkur Market. 

    BEWi is a leading European producer, distributor and seller of packaging and insulation solutions.

    Oslo28/08/2020 - 11:44AM CEST
  • Aker Offshore Wind

    26/08/2020 - 14:25PM CEST  |  Oslo


    Congratulations to Aker Offshore Wind on their listing on the Oslo Market!

    Aker Offshore Wind admitted to trading on Merkur Market today. Welcome!

    Aker Offshore Wind is an offshore wind developer headquartered in Norway focused on assets in deep waters. With global operations, their current portfolio consists of development projects and prospects located in Asia, North America and Europe.

    Aker Offshore Wind
    Oslo26/08/2020 - 14:25PM CEST


Øivind Amundsen - Oslo Børs

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Liv Ingebjørg Grønlien

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Head of Listing Norway

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Course Manager

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Carl Tønsberg

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