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Corporate Actions

Flexible solutions supporting a wide range of corporate actions

Our corporate actions suite is an efficient solution that supports all of the most common corporate actions used by Issuers of fixed income, funds, and ETPs. Additionally, we ensure payments to end-investors, withhold and report tax payments, and ensure holders of the security are informed in due time of the Corporate Actions concerning your securities.

Your account operator will work closely with you and Euronext Securities Oslo to plan, prepare, and execute the relevant corporate action. After a successful processing of a corporate action, all relevant information will be stored and remain available.

Our Corporate Actions

  • Conversions
  • Drawing
  • Final Maturity
  • Interest fixings
  • Interest payments
  • Maturity extensions
  • Partial redemptions
  • Payments in kind
  • Private placements
  • Private redemptions
  • Put redemption
  • Call options
  • Waiver fee

In order to use our corporate actions suite you need to register your securities in Euronext Securities Oslo. Read more about how to become Euronext Securities Oslo registered


Nicholas A. Schulz headshot

Nicholas A. Schulz

Head of Equity Services, Euronext Securities Oslo