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General meetings

Professional, regulatory compliant and efficient general meetings

As a limited liability company, you must hold an annual general meeting. To ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and to meet your shareholder expectations, detailed planning and specialized expertise are required.

Our general meeting solution covers all stages of arranging a general meeting – from preparation to execution – saving you time and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Your account operator will work closely with you and Euronext Securities Oslo to plan and prepare the general meeting and, if requested, provide you with assistance at the meeting itself.

The product includes the following services:

  • Preparing and sending out the notice calling the general meeting
  • Registration of confirmations from shareholders who intend to attend (or proxy)
  • Solution for shareholders to register attendance or appoint proxy
  • Printing ballots
  • Registration of attendants
  • List of attendants present at the general meeting
  • Protocol from the general meeting



In order to use our general meetings service you need to register you company’s shares in Euronext Securities Oslo. Read more about how to become registered here.


Nicholas A. Schulz headshot

Nicholas A. Schulz

Head of Equity Services, Euronext Securities Oslo