Investment Funds

Streamlined processes ensure efficiency across fund domiciles.

As an investment fund issuer, you may face several challenges in the highly competitive and regulated investment fund market. You can save costs and reduce operational risk if you streamline your issuance and order/settlement processes with an investment fund solution from Euronext Securities. This offers you an efficient and proven system to, for example, distribute dividends to your investors. If you use our shareholder register services, you will have easy access to investor information, in order to streamline your communication with your investors.

As an investment fund issuer, you probably have relationships with a range of distributors of your investment fund shares. An investment fund solution from Euronext Securities will provide you with detailed reporting and calculations, based on your investor registration. This reporting will enable you to honour your commercial obligations to your distributors. Since the reporting is generated by us, it will be independently calculated and controlled, providing security for you and your distributors.

As a Fund Company or Transfer Agent you need an efficient order routing process to collect Fund orders from your Distributor and platform network. With Euronext Securities FundHub (FundHub) you get access to a fully automated Order Routing system, as well as automated fund units issuance to your custody accounts, and settlement of payments.

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Clearable ISINs in FundHub

See the list of Single Price Mutual Funds that can be order routed and settled at FundHub.

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Tax reporting


We offer fully automated and compliant tax reporting depository services.

Assignment of ISIN


VP Securities is the National Numbering Agency (NNA) for DK ISIN codes.


Helen Soerensen - Product Manager Investment Funds Euronext Securities Copenhagen

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Product Manager, Euronext Securities Copenhagen

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