VPS Issuer Services

A web-based application giving you access to all the investor relations information you’ll ever need.

Our shareholder register solution provides you access to a streamlined company portal “Issuer Services”, where you can access an automatically updated overview of current and historical shareholders of your company.

Enjoy complete control and insight into your shareholder base and preform your IR tasks in one place going forward.

Nicholas A. Schulz – Head of Equities and Equity Certificates

The online solution is available 24/7 and is protected under the same standards as the CSD. The interface is designed to meet the needs of general management, corporate legal departments, and IR professionals.

The product includes multiple features, enabling you access to:

  • Current shareholders
  • Five years of history of shareholders and transactions
  • Shareholder statistics and demography
  • Corporate action details (on investor-level)

Additionally, Euronext Securities Oslo can automatically tax report you shareholder register to the Norwegian Tax Authorities – ensuring correct tax details while saving you and your shareholders valuable time. Read more about our tax service here.

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Key Features

Small companies

Your time is precious and we appreciate that your time needs to be focused on income-generating tasks. However. Let us help you reduce time spent on your obligations towards your investors.

  • A complete overview of all your shareholders – updated daily
  • Automatic tax reporting
  • On line registration of taxation value

Large companies

We understand that time needs to be prioritized, and the position big companies are in, makes them able to outsource tasks that smaller companies can’t afford. However. The following functions in VPS Issuer Services will benefit big companies greatly just as much as smaller companies.

  • Direct communication to your investors through our investor portal
  • Track your shareholders ongoing interest by comparing the shareholders registry during any given period

SME companies

SME-companies are companies on the rise, where the main focus are how to ensure further growth. One crucial step on that journey is funding. By being Euronext VPS registered and gaining access to VPS Issuer Services, we can give you the necessary insight into your shareholder base helping you prepare for your roadshows on an entirely different level.

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Nicholas A. Schulz

Head of Equity Services, Euronext Securities Oslo