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Efficient and secure solutions.

As a Global Custodian, ICSD, CCP, broker or dealer wishing to enter the Danish market, you need a secure set of custody solutions. In role of the Danish CSD, you can benefit from our expert knowledge of the Danish securities market, together with direct access to international markets, in collaboration with other CSDs and other partners.

We have an extensive network of CSDs and partners, which is supported by local specialists with direct access to relevant market information and knowledge.

In addition to our processing and Asset Servicing offering, we offer CSD segregated accounts to ensure transparency and meet the current trends in regulatory requirements.

We offer you extensive sub-custody services, including the following:

Securities account controllers can choose between single investor accounts and omnibus accounts. All securities accounts with Euronext Securities are on equal level, hence subaccounts are currently not offered.

In the role of the Danish CSD listed securities are dematerialized and the trades are settled electronically. Our CSD system enables straight-through processing of incoming SWIFT instructions, as well as comprehensive reporting to support your processes.

In the Danish market, dividends are generally paid annually on an actual dividend payment basis. Dividend payments usually take place in the spring as the fiscal year for most companies coincides with the calendar year. We provide comprehensive reporting and automated income collection and payment services to end investors.

Our Asset Servicing offering include the entire life cycle of an event, including notifications, relevant account transactions and managing instructions. This is supported by reporting through each step of the process, as well as by customer support.

In corporation with VP Investor Services, we offer Proxy Voting services to cutomers. This service covers meetings in limited liability companies and includes the re-registration of the securities in the name of the beneficiary, where relevant, to enable voting, as well as representation at meetings on behalf on the customer and/or the end beneficiary by using SWIFT ISO15022 standards.


Our standardized transaction interfaces (ISO 15022 and ISO 20022) will eliminate operational risk for settlement and corporate action reporting. Furthermore, to keep full control of your positions, we provide a unique vp.SETTLEMENT web-based service that allows you to monitor your trades, keep track of your holdings and cash requirements, and many other things.

Due to the position in the Danish market, we are extensively represented in all of the relevant market forums and working groups. Our clients therefore benefit from our market analysis and advocacy efforts, as well as a comprehensive insight into market developments.

Kristoffer Kjelsø Sønderlev - Euronext Securities Copenhagen

Kristoffer Kjelsø Sønderlev

Head of Custody & Settlement Products, Euronext Securities Copenhagen

+45 2279 3689