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Funds trading is now as easy as trading equities, bonds, ETFs, warrants, certificates, or derivatives. Institutional and retail customers can simply contact their broker. Euronext Fund Services offers investors across the globe an automated and STP process. Simple. Transparent. Protects investors.


Euronext Funds Services

The what, why and how of Euronext Fund Services. Simple and transparent.


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Discover the wide range of Funds available for trading at Euronext.

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Discover the wide range of ESG funds available for trading at Euronext.


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Sugrue Gerry

Gerry Sugrue

Head of Investment Funds

+353 (0)1 6174280

Wouter Bakker - Product Manager Investment Funds Euronext

Wouter Bakker

Investment Funds, Product Manager

Listing & Corporate Actions Team

Listing & Corporate Actions Team

ETFs, Funds, Warrants & Certificates and Structured Notes listing

+33 (0)1 8514 8594