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ICWS (Internet Clearing WorkStation)

Internet Clearing WorkStation (ICWS) allows to view Default Fund’s balances, to download Reports and Data Files and to send documents and dispositive requests to Euronext Clearing.

ICWS Configurations

ICWS is available in three configurations, based on Euronext Clearing member profile:

  • ICWS-GCM for General Clearing Members: clearing reports will be displayed, both for General Clearing Member and for its Non Clearing Members
  • ICWS-ICM for Individual Clearing Members.
  • ICWS-NCM for Non Clearing Members: clearing reports can be downloaded by Non Clearing Member only if authorized by its General Clearing Member

Connectivity and communication protocol

ICWS is available on the Internet network with SSL communication protocol with digital certificate.

The automatic download of reports and Data Files can be done via SFTP service.

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