Euronext Market Data Agreements

Find information relating to Euronext’s standardized market data licensing agreements and more.

Market Data Licensing

If you wish to receive, use and/or further redistribute real-time and/or delayed market data, you may have to enter into a market data licensing agreement with Euronext. You can enter into a market data licensing agreement with Euronext via the MyMarketData portal.

Please note, that if you only use delayed market data for internal (non-commercial) purposes only, you are not required to enter into a licensing agreement with Euronext.

Euronext Market Data Agreement (EMDA)

The EMDA is Euronext’s main market data licensing agreement.

Applicable if:

Contractual documents

The EMDA consists of five contractual documents:

  • EMDA Signature Form

  • EMDA Order Form

  • EMDA General Terms and Conditions & Policies

  • Information Schedule

  • Information Product Fee Schedule

Related documents

  • Subscriber Terms and Conditions

Relevant guidelines

  • Reporting Guidelines

  • Natural User Application Guidelines

All documents are available on our Market Data documentation center.

Euronext Datafeed Subscriber Agreement (EDSA)

The EDSA is a ‘light’ version of the Euronext Market Data Agreement (EMDA).

Applicable if:

  • You are not party to the Euronext Market Data Agreement (EDMA) and

    • You want to receive Euronext real-time market data via a datafeed from a redistributor (e.g. data vendor) and use it solely for your own (internal) purposes.

    • You want to engage in the non-display use Euronext real-time market data in an environment managed, i.e. controlled, by a redistributor (e.g. data vendor).

This contract solely permits the internal use of Euronext real-time market data. If you want to further redistribute real-time and/or delayed market data to a third party, please refer to the EMDA.

Contractual documents

The EDSA consists of five contractual documents:

  • EDSA Signature Form;

  • EDSA Order Form;

  • EDSA General Terms and Conditions & Policies;

  • Information Schedule;

  • Information Product Fee Schedule.

All document are available on our Market Data documentation center.

Legacy contracts

The EMDA and EDSA were introduced 1 September 2017 for new real-time market data clients. Existing clients are migrated onto the new market data licensing agreements in 2018/2019 in different phases. If you are still subject to one of Euronext’s old legacy market data licensing agreements, please click here to obtain the contractual documents for these agreements. However, please be advised to enter into the EMDA or EDSA as soon as possible.

Euronext Subscriber Terms and Conditions

The Subscriber Terms and Conditions are applicable to anyone receiving Euronext market data from a data redistributor (e.g. data vendors, brokers) for its internal use.


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If you are interested in signing a market data licensing agreement with Euronext, please contact us by phone or by sending an email to and we will further assist you.

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