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Finance your growth as a family business

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Family-owned businesses have specific financing needs and considerations. Your success can be measured by long term vision, maintaining company control, or by creating a successful legacy. Our tools will guide you through the process of funding, transmission and independence. 

Be part of a strong network

Join a vibrant network with a broad investor base and connect with the financial ecosystem.


Family businesses listed


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Family business listings since 2016

The right choice for your business

Perpetuate your family business through generations


  • Finance your growth (capital increases, bond issues etc.)
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Raise your profile, boost credibility and brand awareness
  • Provide liquidity to investors


  • Safeguard your legacy
  • Plan for succession
  • Motivate the next generation



  • Be part of a strategy of independence
  • Expand employee stock ownership

How we help you as a listed company

Entrepreneurs rightly view stock market listing as a milestone, but it is only a beginning, not an end. Once listed, a company can raise capital and do strategic deals far more easily. This is the payoff for a successful listing — one that provides solid, compelling information and attracts enthusiastic investors.

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The 6-month pre-IPO educational IPOready programme is available for all companies and is supported by 90+ partners and sponsors from the financial industry. 920+ companies have already chosen IPOready for their IPO preparations.

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IPO guide

Download the IPO Guide for entrepreneurs and learn about the key steps in a stock market listing explained, from preparation to IPO results. Gain valuable insights on the decision, rationale, timing and process of going public.



Rita Albuquerque - Listing Director Portugal - Euronext

Rita Albuquerque

Listing Director Portugal

+351 (910) 052031

Susana de Atonio

Susana de Antonio

Head of Listing Spain

+34 (0)9 15 72 65 35

Eirik Høiby Ausland - Head of Listing Oslo

Eirik Høiby Ausland

Head of Listing Nordics

+47 90606301

Niall Jones

Niall Jones

Head of Listing - Ireland & UK

+353 87 266 1888

Barbara Lunghi, Head of Listing Sales Italy Euronext

Barbara Lunghi

Head of Equity Listing Sales Italy

+39 33 51 84 6356

Guillaume Morelli

Guillaume Morelli

Head of Listing France and Iberia

+33 6 85 70 48 42

Sophie Stegen - Head of Listing Euronext Brussels 1

Sophie Stegen

Head of Listing Belgium and Luxembourg

+32 477 24 22 80

Rene van Verklen

René van Vlerken

Head of listing Netherlands Central and Eastern Europe

+31 (0)20 721 4293

Alain Baetens

Alain Baetens

Head of Large Caps listing France

+33 1 70 48 27 32

Frédéric Boiffin

Frédéric Boiffin

Listing Director SMEs France West region & Atlantic Arc

+33 6 20 99 37 69

Mathias Borge Bye - Listing Advisor - Norway

Mathias Borge Bye

Listing Advisor - Norway

+47 98 42 37 33

Ismail El khalloufi - Euronext

Ismail El khalloufi

Listing Account Manager SMEs France - Île-de-France & South-East region

+33 6 38 64 84 17

Jérôme Hervé

Jérôme Hervé

Listing Director France Midcap

+33 6 24 02 49 72

Alexis Janin

Alexis Janin

Head of SMEs Listing France AURA region

+33 6 84 35 99 17

Pablo Pérez-Orive  - Business Development Manager  Debt & Equity Listing Spain

Pablo Pérez-Orive

Business Development Manager Debt & Equity Listing Spain

+34 670 77 24 00

Eric Tossah - Euronext - Director Listing SMEs - Île-de-France, Grand-Est and Hauts-de-France

Eric Tossah

Listing Director SMEs France - Île de France Grand Est et Hauts-de-France

+33 6 79 33 23 31