Euronext Market Data Products

Find information relating to Euronext's market data products. Our market data products are available in real time or delayed.

Choose real-time or delayed market data

Real-time market data is disseminated within 15 minutes of initial publication by Euronext. Delayed market data is disseminated (more than) 15 minutes after initial publication by Euronext.


Access a wide range of data types:


  • Pre-trade (quotes) and post-trade data (trades) from our trading venues, for cash and derivatives.

  • Euronext index levels, open, high, low and closing levels for over 400 indices of all sizes of profiles, ranging from our national flagship indices (AEX®, BEL 20®, CAC 40®, OBX®, PSI 20®), to thematic, strategic and sectorial indices, as well as on-demand customised indices.


For more information about our market data products, please contact us by sending an email to and we will further assist you.

How to Access Market Data

Euronext Solutions


  • Euronext Optiq MDG Cloud

Euronext's development of cloud-based access to its real-time market data represents a significant advancement in financial market technology.


  • Optiq® Market Data Gateway (MDG) 

Direct access through Optiq® MDG provides clients access to low latency real-time market data, with maximum flexibility, simplified and harmonized messaging as well as high performance and stability. Optiq® MDG offers real-time market data as bulk information, which means that Euronext does not filter any data before dispatching the real-time market data to the client.


  • Euronext Web Services

Euronext Web Services, is a simple and cost effective way to receive real-time, delayed and historical Euronext market data via a web API. Our new tool offers online access to quotes, last price, trades and reference data.

Third party solutions


  • Data Vendors

Data vendors are aggregating, normalizing and distributing the Market Data from multiple (stock) exchanges and/or APAs and combine them onto one single platform. Data vendors offer different types of information for different industries, sectors or groups. Furthermore, they may provide additional value, through added information, e.g. analytics, news, or designable tools for displaying the market data. In some cases, data vendors distribute market data to end users’ as raw data. More than 40 data vendors distribute Euronext real- time market data.


  • (Retail) Brokers

Retail brokers provide brokerage services to individuals and households, whereas (institutional) brokers primarily provide brokerage services to (institutional) buy side firms. More than 80 broker firms provide Euronext market data products to professional and retail investors as part of such brokerage services.