Euronext Market Data Products

Find information relating to Euronext's market data products. Our market data products are available both real-time and delayed.

What our market data includes

Euronext market data, includes index data and pre-trade data (quotes) and post-trade data (trades) from our trading venues and APA (Approved Publication Arrangement).

Choose real-time or delayed market data

Real-time market data is disseminated within 15 minutes of initial publication by Euronext. Delayed market data is disseminated (more than) 15 minutes after initial publication by Euronext. The content is the same.

Euronext Indices Data

Euronext APA Data

Euronext APA data includes all OTC trades (and quotes) of firms and Systematic Internalisers (SI) that use Euronext’s Trade Publication Service for publication.

Euronext Trading Venue Data

Data levels explained

Euronext’s market data products provide different levels of depth for pre- and post-trade data from our trading venues.


Level 2

Level 1*

Last Price

Reference Data

Pre-Trade Data

Full Depth Order Book


Pre-Trade Data

Best Bid and Offer




Post-Trade Data






Reference data






* Only available for Euronext Continental Cash (Consolidated Pack)

Cash Market Data


Level 2

Level 1

Last Price

Euronext Continental Cash (Consolidated Pack) X X X
Euronext Continental Equities X   X
Euronext Dublin Equities X   X
Euronext Best of Book X   N/A*
Euronext Block not available   X
Euronext ETFs and Funds X   X
Euronext Warrants and Certificates X   X
Euronext Fixed Income X   X
Euronext Synapse not available   X

*Euronext Best of Book Last Price data is made available under Euronext Continental Cash (Consolidated Pack) and Euronext Continental Equities.

Derivatives Market Data

  Level 2 Last Price
Euronext Equity and Index Derivatives X X
Euronext Commodity Derivatives X X
Euronext Currency Derivatives X X


My Market Data

You can obtain licenses for each of these products via the MyMarketData portal.


For more information about our market data products, please contact us by phone or by sending an email to and we will further assist you.

Our market data licensing managers support the following regions:

Austria, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia

+ 31 (0) 20 721 4283

France, Luxembourg, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa

+ 33 (0) 17 048 2902

Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, South America

+ 44 207 076 0981

United Kingdom, North America

+ 44 207 076 0946