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First listing of TINC in Brussels

As of 12 May 2015, the infrastructure investment company TINC is listed on Euronext Brussels. To celebrate this event, Jean-Pierre Blumberg, Chairman of the Board, opened the markets with a Bell Ceremony together with Manu Vandenbulcke, CEO. Jean-Pierre Blumberg had the honor to write the first opening price on the blackboard.

TINC raised €110M in a successful IPO on Euronext Brussels. The reference price was fixed at €11. Market cap amounts to €141M on the day of its introduction.

TINC is a Belgian investment company holding investments in predominantly mature and operational public and private infrastructure assets. TINC holds a diversified portfolio of 12 investments in Public Private Partnerships, energy and real assets, located in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Since its inception in 2007, TINC has built an investment portfolio of infrastructure assets, including road, light rail, accommodation, car park and energy infrastructure. This portfolio of now predominantly mature, operational infrastructure assets is generating cash flows of a long term sustainable nature.

The ticker code is : TINC
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